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  1. jefframsey

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    I was able to load 8.0 via floppy and then update to 8.1 via LocalTalk transfer of the image. It's a really fun, stable computer now!
  2. jefframsey

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    Thanks. The screen is perfectly readable. A bit small, but nothing that I have to strain to see. I did not know about the overclocking mod? Any sources for that?
  3. jefframsey

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    Update on the Mystic mod. I printed the Mystic backplate that I found on this forum post: It fits perfect and looks pretty great! Thanks 360alaska!
  4. jefframsey

    Newest conquest: Apple IIc

    Sweet find! I paid more than twice that for mine!
  5. jefframsey

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    I finished my Mystic mod last night and installed my LC575 board into my CC. Went really well. I used a hobby knife to cut the traces, first scoring them with the blade and then turning it over to the dull side and scraping the copper trace away through the score marks. So far it is very stable. It only has 32 MB RAM so I am going to want to max that out, but quite a fun machine with 040 CPU and VGA graphics! I cannot load 8.1 yet, as I have no bootable CDROM drive. I have an NEC SCSI CDROM, but it will not boot from this. I am going to try to copy the 8.1 CD contents to the HD and install from there.
  6. jefframsey

    Color Classic C4 and C5

    I have done this same thing with a printer and it worked pretty well. Eventually, the heat from the printer caused it to dislodge. Anyhow, I am going to issue a refund to my buyer so all is well here. I don't need to fix this board. Thanks for the advice either way.
  7. jefframsey

    Color Classic C4 and C5

    Thanks for the tips. I have been on these sites already but I am not seeing what I need. I have a CC board that has the pads destroyed on C4 and C5 is iffy. I would like to know where to connect a jumper wire from the cap to the destination of the trace. I cannot seem to find a schematic of the board. My Google foo is weak on this one for some reason.
  8. jefframsey

    Color Classic C4 and C5

    Can someone please tell me where C4 and C5 connect to on the main board? I repaired one back in the summer. It had a few weak pads on C4, but I was able to get them to stick. It has worked and been 100% stable for the last 6 months. I traded it to a friend in Singapore and shipped it to him packaged really well and when it arrived, C4 is completely loose in the packaging. He says that C5 is loose as well, but is still connected. If we can figure out where to connect jumper wires to bypass the pads, maybe we can revive this board.
  9. jefframsey

    I think I have graduated !

    I love this LISA story! Great job on keeping with it and working through all of those issues. How about some pics of the machine in operation?
  10. jefframsey

    Macintosh Classic II Rescued!

    yes. Any computer with USB port and Linux installed should be able to handle this. Does not have to be a Pi.
  11. jefframsey

    Macintosh Classic II Rescued!

    That is a sweet machine. It looks super clean. Good job on the rescue. I have a blog where I wrote about how to build a serial to Ethernet bridge using a serial cable, USB adapter and a Raspberry Pi. No Ethernet Card is required in the Classic Mac at all. You can see my article at http://www.retroadventures.net/raspberry-pi-ppp-serial-router/
  12. jefframsey

    Apple IIc power supply

    I see there are quite a few on ebay. Although I think you can use a 12v 1.5A power supply and a 7 pin DIN plug. There is a great thread on Applefritter about this here: https://www.applefritter.com/content/apple-iic-power-adapter (not my thread, and I have not built one of my own, so "great" is a subjective term...)
  13. jefframsey

    My Color Classic Mystic Journey

    This is very cool! I love the customized badge! I need to do all of this to my CC.
  14. jefframsey

    6500/275 and an Apple II+

    Yes sir.
  15. jefframsey

    6500/275 and an Apple II+

    Yesterday, I picked up an awesome 6500/275 for $20! It came to me completely functional, with 4GB HD and 96MB RAM, a VGA adapter (no Apple/Mac monitor), a really cool all black Keyboard II (M0487) and matching ADB Mouse II, an aftermarket wave ergo keyboard and a white ADB Mouse II, and two complete-in-box TV capture cards with remotes, software and manuals. I initialized the HD and installed a clean 9.1, Classilla, AD 4 (patched for OS 9), and a few games. All running smoothly. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but for now, it's working and it's cool. Also, a week ago, I was given an Apple II+ with 48k RAM and a 16k language card. It was in poor shape and did not boot. I ended up replacing the power supply, and pulling, cleaning and reseating every RAM and ROM chip on the mainboard. I also had to solder a new 104 cap onto the language card as one had a leg burned all the way off. Since the refurbishment, it has been working very well and appears to be steady now. Time will tell...