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  1. LocalTalk file sharing and IWII printer?

    Ok. So after I realized that if I do not use the AppleShare 3 software (as described here: http://www.synack.net/~bbraun/iigsboot.html) then I do not get the necessary AppleTalk parameters for remote booting an Apple IIgs over the LocalTalk network, which was not part of my initial project, but is extremely cool to boot the IIgs diskless. That being said, I now have AppleShare 3.3 installed on my Mac SE and my IIgs will boot from the share on it over the LocalTalk network. I left the normal Mac System 7.5.5 AppleTalk on that machine and I installed LocalTalk Bridge. Now, I can read/write to the netatalk shares on my RaspberryPi, so that is also a bonus. Now for the printing... I still do not see any way to share my direct connection IWII. I have connected it to the Mac SE and configured it via Chooser, but when I go to AppleShare Print Server, I do not see it listed nor do I have any choice. Can anyone point me towards any documentation on this?
  2. LocalTalk file sharing and IWII printer?

    Thanks for all of the advise. I had to take care of some other AppleTalk business before I could even begin to worry about sharing my printer. I had tried to install AppleShare 3.0 onto my two 68k Macs, one on 7.1.1 and the other on 7.5.5 - this move proved widely unpopular, as it broke AppleTalk/LocalTalk on both machines. After reloading the OS on each machine, I was back to a working LocalTalk over Phone Net network for the two macs. After this, I created a GSOS bootdisk with AppleTalk support and booted from it. I then loaded the Control Panel item for AppleTalk File Sharing, and I was able to see all of the shares on my two 68k Macs. So far, so good! Now, will I be able to install my IWII on the SE and share it to the other two computers? I’ll try it and report back...
  3. I have a ROM01 IIgs, a Powerbook 540c, a Mac SE and a newly acquired ImageWriter II printer. (My IWII does not have the optional LocalTalk interface installed) Right now, I have the 540c and the SE connected together using phone net adapters and LocalTalk. The 540c only has the one modem/printer combo port and the SE has one each. However, the SE is only running 7.1.1 due to it's 4MB max RAM so it can only connect to the AppleTalk network on it's printer port. How can I connect the ImageWriter II to the Mac SE at the same time as the LocalTalk network? Can I connect it on the Modem port and use it there? Will I be able to share it and connect to it from the 540c? Is there a way I can install a new System OS that will support OpenTransport and allow me to run the LocalTalk on the serial port with only 4MB RAM? Is there some other way of doing this that I have not thought about yet at all?
  4. What to do with a "new" PB5xx Battery...?

    According to this: http://www.pmbl.co.uk/blog/how-to-store-nimh-battery-packs, storing NiMH batteries either fully charged or fully discharged will last indefinitely, taking two to three charge-discharge cycles to restore them to full capacity. Congrats on the new battery. I think you made a great purchase!
  5. 512Ke w/ Upgrade

    I powered the machine on again last night, and (since I have no working input devices) I just let it idle. I was working on setting up my new phone and I forgot all about it for over an hour. It ran fine, did not heat up and did not show any glitches in the screen or video at all. Perhaps the glitches the previous night were caused somehow by me trying that keyboard that seems to be DOA? I'm not sure how that would cause overheating, but time will tell. When I get back home, I'll round up a working keyboard and mouse and give it a proper test.
  6. 512Ke w/ Upgrade

    I agree. His mom was the one with the account on OfferUp. When he got out of the car, I was shocked, then she got out and explained that she had listed it on his behalf, to protect him from online predator type situations. I thought that she did a good job. I didn't even know it was a kid until I met them both at the public library.
  7. 512Ke w/ Upgrade

    I plan on opening up the case tonight and inspecting all of the caps. Aside from that, I can take the screws out of the case and then letting it heat up again and then checking it with a Flir thermal scope to find the hot spots. I don't have the Flir scope with me, so I will have to do that job when I get back home. When I seen the SCSI port, I figured that someone had soldered an expansion card to the logic board somehow, but I never even knew that it was possible to upgrade the RAM and everything like this.
  8. 512Ke w/ Upgrade

    This week I am working away from home and I found an ad on OfferUp with someone selling a Mac 512K for $10 - As-is/Parts Only. When I picked it up, I saw it was a 512Ke model and had a nice little SCSI port on the back over top of the battery cover! SCSI upgrade inside maybe? Turns out a 10 year old kid was selling the machine. He offered me a huge box of Mac software and manuals (all original, no copies) with the machine, and I felt like showing him that this type of generosity was a very big deal, coming from a young kid. So I gave him an extra $10. Got to my hotel, and the first thing I did was open up the battery cover and remove the battery - just a slight bit of green leakage. A bit of ISO 91% and we were good there. I opened up the case, and promptly found that there was a processor socket installed and an upgrade card that had 4 30pin RAM sockets filled with two 1mb ram sticks. This machine was the cleanest vintage Mac I have ever opened! After I did a quick wipe down with the 91%, I put everything back together and inserted a 4.1 system disk that I had made before leaving the house (you know, just in case I ended up buying the machine.) It booted up to the desktop with no issues at all and ran fine. I do not currently have a working keyboard or mouse so all I could do is power it back off via the switch. The seller had told me that the machine only boots to a 'Sad Mac screen' so I was feeling that good karma coming back to me in a big way by this time. The second night in the hotel I powered it up and let it sit there for about 30 minutes. It started to get fairly warm on the side with the power circuitry and then the screen started doing some strange things. I rebooted it with the switch and it booted to the 'Welcome to Macintosh" screen and then started to glitch again. I powered it off for the night. I am guessing that there are a few capacitors/etc. that will need to be replaced on that board. Aside from that, it was upgraded to the equivalent of a Mac Plus and has 2mb of RAM in it. I think it is salvageable and should make a great addition to my collection. With no hard drive, it will run all of the apps/games that do not run well on my SE, mostly due to the fact that the SE has 7.1.1 on it. Dark Castle comes to mind. It wants to run on System 6, so has to be booted from floppy. This will be a great machine for such programs to run on. Where would you guys look first for that overheating issue? I do not see any bulged caps, but of course, they still could be bad.
  9. First Compact Recap Success - Color Classic

    This is really nice. Great job! The soldering looks really good. I always liked the Color Classic line. Compact, with color... What’s not to like? Give yourself a break and enjoy the machine for a week or two, The CRT adjustment will wait until you are ready.
  10. “Finder” Bomb error when reading cd-rom

    So I checked the termination only to find that there was no terminator installed. I thought that there was but when I looked closer, I t was a gender changer. I have ordered an active terminator and will report back when it comes in. What other extensions will I need to read iso9660?
  11. I connected a generic SCSI with external cd-rom to my SE and loaded the Sunrise CD 2.2c drivers. I am running 7.1.1 with system update 3. When I insert a cd-rom, I see the drive activity light begin to flicker, I hear the drive spin up, then I get a bomb error “Finder” and the computer freezes up. I have to cycle the power switch on the back to get it to respond again. Any ideas?
  12. 512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    Oh my! I skimmed over that both times I read the page and was just going to post a "can someone please point out the offensive line..." type of post. I wonder why the author thought it necessary to include that kind of detail? Some people always point out the differences and negative things in everything they encounter... >
  13. 512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    Just like the topic says: I have a db9 serial mouse from a PC. Will it work on a 512k compact Mac?
  14. My next restore project: PB 540c

    I was able to get the hard drive to work again by reseating the SCSI bus cable. I then initialized the drive, loaded 7.5.3, updated to 7.5.5, and proceeded to install some software - After Dark 3.0, iCab 2.99b, The Oregon Trail, SimCity 2000, etc. Restore is coming along nicely...
  15. My next restore project: PB 540c

    After a trip to visit Macdrone, (who has almost everything Apple ever made in triplicate) he sold me a working power supply and an Asante Ethernet adapter for this machine. With the short time I had to work with him before leaving his place to take my daughter to move into her college dorm, we were unable to get the machine to show any signs of life. Once I got home, I removed the keyboard, reseated the CPU and RAM and still no dice. I then pulled the hard drive and tried it again... After a happy Mac sound and what felt like an eternity, the screen lit up and came to life. It will boot from the floppy drive and everything seems to work except the hard drive and (of course) the batteries which I knew were toasted when I got the machine. The screen looks great and does not show any signs of dead pixels or bad spots. So the project continues. I need to come up with a hard drive (or SCSI2SD) as well as a right housing panel and then I think I will be onto something here.