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  1. futurebiscuit

    PowerBook Duo battery replacement

    A quick record of my successful Powerbook duo Type 3 battery rebuild. This thread seems to have most of the available info on the subject so I thought I would add to it with my experience... After reading through this thread I decided to go with 1600mAh 2/3A NiMH cells. They match the capacity of the original 4/5A cells but give some room to easily reconstruct the cell (and are a bit cheaper). First I used a Dremel like cutting disc tool to carefully cut through the seams at the sides and front of the pack. The back seam with the external contacts then snaps easily. The cells I used had metal tabs already attached that I lightly soldered together to replicate the original structure including the 2 safety fuses. Everything fits back in the pack very easily. Although the cutting tool has left quite a gap in the sides of the pack but is fully hidden when the battery is inserted into the machine so doesn't really matter. I haven't gone through a full discharge/charge but the battery control strip on my Powerbook duo 2300c shows about 1 hour 30 mins. I was expecting more... but it's far better than not having any battery! The cells I used were sourced from here. Although I purchased them from there eBay shop as it worked out slightly cheaper: https://www.componentshop.co.uk/1-2v-1600mah-nimh-2-3a-single-cell.html https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2V-NiMH-Single-Cells-with-Tags-All-SIZES-for-DIY-custom-battery-packs/231512711506 Original dead corroding cells in the battery after opening: Compare new and old cells: Reconstructed battery pack with smaller modern cells:
  2. futurebiscuit

    Macintosh (Plus) analog board blown c8

    Thanks for all the replies! Yes it’s a International board with 240v configured (I’m in the UK). I'll try replacing the C8 capacitor and test the adjacent diodes. I found the following parts list, although some things are missing (has the C8 though). Are there any additional resources with a full list? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/132RwzC8HM5ask-BdY_31txErOCwJDSkz099GY2XLpE0/pub# Anyway I'll order the parts and keep you up to date on the results (probably will be a month till I get time to look at it though).
  3. futurebiscuit

    Macintosh (Plus) analog board blown c8

    I was hoping someone could give their expert opinion on a fault with a Macintosh Analog board from a Mac Plus I just purchased. Visually everything looks to be in great condition. The only things I've noticed are the following: * Capacitor C8 is completely destroyed. * Corrosion on battery holder (leaked battery?). * Maybe some slight corrosion on the T1 transformer (see image)? I was hoping this might be fixed by just replacing the C8 capacitor? but as this component is connected to the T1 flyback transformer I guess it is a symptom of it failing? From the basic research I've done I gather these transformer are not made anymore, and are an expensive thing to replace? Any insight on what the problem is would be much appreciated!