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  1. Stopped into a local thrift shop yesterday and was just about to leave empty-handed when I spotted these wedged into a bookshelf: a pair of AppleDesign Powered Speakers! I searched all over the store any sadly was unable to find the matching AC adapter (anyone who has a spare or even the specific specs please ping me!), but just having the speakers is pretty cool. Album here (I deleted the embedded pics because our forum software is terrible about incorrectly rotating pic uploads) Huxley
  2. Huxley

    IIgs Prototype

    Man, this is an awesome find, especially for that price. Congrats! I'm just annoyed I didn't spot it myself - I live ~45 minutes from Sunnyvale and I could've just run over to pick it up on my lunch break!
  3. Huxley

    Fan replacement for a Mac SE/30

    Funny you posted this - I've been thinking about replacing the (loud, wiggly) fan in my SE/30 too, preferably with something very quiet. Definitely curious to see any responses on this threat...
  4. I've put a considerable amount of dumpster-diving effort and money into securing a lifetime supply of Apple Extended Keyboard II's - to me, the AEKII is the best keyboard ever made. That being said, having the option to use more modern USB input devices with all my retro ADB-equipped gear would be a fun and unexpected option - I'm definitely down to buy one of your adapters when it's ready!
  5. Huxley

    SCSI2SD + SE/30 + 16gb SD card = confusion

    Quick update for anyone else who's attempting to do what I'm doing here: I gave up on the 16GB card - it was just too much storage space, and would've gobbled up all my SCSI ID's once carved up properly. I've "downgraded" to a 4GB card which I set up as two different SCSI ID's of 2GB each using the SCSI2SD utilities, and then partitioned and formatted using LIDO. In my experience with all this, LIDO has worked way faster and more consistently than the "patched" Apple HD SC Setup or Apple Drive Setup apps, both of which either refused to even attempt setting up the SCSI2SD, or took hours to initialize. Very impressed with LIDO!
  6. Huxley

    SCSI2SD + SE/30 + 16gb SD card = confusion

    I bet that's the heart of the issue that I was missing - been too long since I went spelunking into the oddities of SCSI best-practices... Thanks for the hint - I'm gonna give that a try now!
  7. Howdy gang, So I got my awesome SCSI2SD adapter (with the included 16-gigabyte SD card) and I've got it hooked up to my SE/30. I did the prep-work on the SCSI2SD board (updated the firmware, set the SCSI ID to 1, set the drive type to Seagate, etc.), but I'm running into a snag: when I run Apple HD SC Setup (while booted into MacOS 7.1 from my Mac ROM-inator II), it's able to initialize the SD card, add/remove partitions, etc., but no matter what I do, it only seems to "see" 2 gigs of the 16 available on this SD card. My hope was to carve the SD card into ~8 partitions of ~1.8GB each - yes, this is totally overkill, but it'll be fun to play with and should make it easy to archive a ton of junk I have on random SCSI drives floating around. However, since the Setup tool isn't allowing me to partition outside the 2gb chunk I'm currently seeing, I'm basically missing the other 14ish gigs of storage I should be able to partition and format. Any tips here? It's been a pretty long day and I'm 99% sure I'm missing something obvious but I just can't pin it down yet.
  8. So I just received my shiny new "Mac ROM-inator II" ROM stick from Big Mess O Wires, and I've popped it into my SE/30. I'm able to boot from the Mac ROM-inator II's bootable ROM/RAM disk without issue and everything seems totally normal, but when I attempt to boot to MacOS 7.5.5 from my internal SCSI drive, the system hangs at the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen. I double-checked that I don't have Mode32 (or any other 32-bits-related control panels or extensions) enabled, and I get the same result if I hold shift down - it shows that it's booting with extensions disabled, but still hangs at the Welcome to Macintosh screen. Any clues here? I'll try the obvious / easy stuff (reseat my RAM, etc.), but it just seems pretty odd to me. Thanks for any suggestions! PS I have 64 megs of brand-new RAM arriving from OtherWorldComputing in a few days, so if this indicates a RAM issue, that will probably sort itself out shortly... EDIT: I'm starting to suspect that I need to use ResEdit to tweak the 7.5.5 System File on my internal HDD, as per this guide: http://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-se30-with-upgraded-rom/- does that seem correct? EDIT 2: Yep, I just booted into the ROM OS, ran ResEdit and made the single-digit tweak suggested at the link above, and it's working beautifully now! I'm going to leave this here just in case someone else runs into the same issue and hasn't yet RTFM'd
  9. Huxley

    Ultimate SE/30 Config?

    If you've got an SE/30-friendly '040 adapter you could consider parting with at any point, maybe drop me a PM?
  10. Huxley

    Miniscribe unsticking.

    I found an SE with a stuck Miniscribe, and I was able to (mostly) fix it by just reaching in and wiggling the actuator for the seek motor. Not a very high-tech solution and I doubt it'll last forever, but it got the machine booting again...
  11. Huxley

    Ultimate SE/30 Config?

    I think it's almost a 50/50 problem at this point - my understanding is that there were a decent variety of CPU upgrades (Daystar '040, Diimo '030, etc.), but most of them have been gobbled up by nerds like me... and even if you can find one, without the even-harder-to-find riser / adapter, you have to make painful choices about which unit to install. I have a fuzzy memory of some chatter here ages ago about someone making a limited run of new SE/30 PDS slot adapter boards - does anyone know if that ever turned into anything, or are we still stuck searching for rare old stock or buying one of the very expensive ones from Japan?
  12. Huxley

    Ultimate SE/30 Config?

    There's a mod that involves a particular SE/30 PDS graphics board that can somehow be adapted (presumably with a lot of hacking and know-how) to drive greyscale images on the standard SE/30 CRT... I think? I have another SE/30 in storage that has a graphics board in the PDS slot, but my very fuzzy memory leads me to believe that the particular graphics upgrade in that machine wasn't one of the ones that were usable for this hack. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!
  13. Huxley

    Ultimate SE/30 Config?

    Howdy guys, I've been sinking some time into kitting out my snazzy new SE/30 (purchased from our very own khannonnd). It's working nicely now and once all my packages are delivered this week, it will have: 68 megs of RAM (4*16mb sticks + half the original 8mb it came with) Mac ROM-inator II replacement ROM stick SCSI2SD with a 16GB card (to be partitioned into whatever subdivisions will make an SE/30 happy) Internal Asante MacCon II Ethernet card External SCSI CD-RW drive (still trying to find good drivers for this one, since the "Sunset" drive and FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit haven't worked well so far) Apple Extended Keyboard II + ADB Mouse As far as I can tell, the only significant upgrade other than what I've listed above would be a CPU upgrade board, but given the expense and rarity of those I'm not holding my breath. I also know some folks have opted to do a greyscale mod on the internal 9" display, but I'm not super interested in that, since a big part of the nostalgic charm of the SE/30 to me is the black-and-white 1-bit image. Other than beginning a Captain Ahab-style quest for a 68040 card and the requisite connectors, are there any other upgrades I should be thinking about in my quest for the ultimate SE/30?
  14. Huxley

    Dead 6100

    Nothing of value to contribute here, other than just chiming in to say that I too used a 6100/66 for a while in my youth - if memory serves, it was the first color-capable Mac I used for dialup internet access, after my SE/30. A really nice low-profile desktop, and I'd love to stumble across one again just for nostalgia. Good luck getting your non-cracked-CPU edition setup and humming along!
  15. Huxley

    Gemini iBook - Any Experience?

    Oh, I remember those things! They were definitely cool looking, in a hybrid-mutant sorta way. Congrats on finding one - could you post some pics here?