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  1. The Mac I was using from ~1999 through ~2003 was definitely a PowerMac 7100/80, which I eventually upgraded with a G3 running at 233MHz (IIRC). I really loved that machine - I used it for a while with three NuBus video cards + 3 14" Apple CRT's and although my poor desk was sagging under the weight, I felt like I was on the bridge of the Enterprise. Being a NuBus machine I was unable to run even the early Public Beta's of OS X, but I did run 24/7 with an "Aqua-style" Kaleidoscope theme in MacOS 8.x. Anyway, I've just done a bit of Googling and I'm now 90% sure I had an Orange Micro 486 NuBus card, similar to the one pictured here: I have a vague memory of trying (and probably failing) to get it working well enough to run some basic DOS games
  2. Yeah, I've seen a lot of Mac internals and I don't think I've ever seen one with an internal black plastic frame like this. My first thought when I saw it was "OMG, is this a prototype?!?" but (other than the previously-mentioned patch wire which probably doesn't mean anything) I don't see any indication that it is. I guess it's just an oddball? The black plastic feels sturdy and robust, and I don't see any bits of it anywhere in the machine. The internal beige plastics though are everywhere - tons of plastic crumbs littered the inside of the case when I opened it, the power button snapped into three pieces despite me handling it like a wounded hummingbird, etc. Same! @Cory5412 - thank you for the thoughts and (extensive!) suggestions about possible upgrades for the machine. I know we differ a little in our approach (you tend to lean towards keeping things closer to stock, more-or-less, while I tend to upgrade my machines as though they were still current-generation and I was just super rich in the 90's and wanted to see how far I could push them, LOL), and I really appreciate all your ideas. I'm especially interested in finding a PC Compatibility card for this thing - I had one ~20 years ago in my PowerMac 7100 (I think? Been a long time) and remember having a lot of fun with it. Time to start searching, I guess!
  3. Here's an album with pics and info - some cool stuff in here (including a "Snow" iMac I haven't tested yet)! https://imgur.com/gallery/0sQp36q A quick TL;DR: for anyone who skims the pics without reading all the descriptions: this past weekend I was given a PowerMac 8500/150 by its original owner, a very nice lady who used it as part of her graphic design business from the mid-90's through early 2000's. Her hope was that I could recover her old work before I re-image the machine, which (as of late last night) I've done successfully, thanks to some great suggestions from /r/VintageApple. I was happily surprised to fire up Netscape Navigator 4.0 and find that it had a cached sample of the Netscape.com homepage from Spring 2000, including a promotional feature about Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2. Neat! As with many machines from this era, many of the the plastic parts are now so brittle, they feel more like dried clay than plastic. Sadly several parts crumbled while I was cleaning the machine and replacing the RAM stick which had come loose inside, but overall it's functional and just a badass machine for running System 7. If anyone happens to have a replacement for the front facing power-button, I'd love to buy one... Any suggestions on what cool upgrades I should pop in here? That CPU slot and three empty PCI slots are calling to me!
  4. Hey that’s great, thanks! I’m out at a doctors appointment right now but I’ll PM you later to buy a couple sets of capacitors - given my total-novice status, I figure it’ll be smart to have a healthy supply on hand...
  5. Oooh, great suggestion - looks like MacCaps does have a reference page for the IIci (not sure why this didn't come up via Google). Thanks! Hey @uniserver - do you / would you sell a "DIY kit" of the specific parts I'd need to attempt this?
  6. I mentioned recently that I found and saved a Mac IIci from a local e-waste recycler. Last night I finally spent some time with it - I used my electric air compressor to really clean the hell out of it, it was PACKED with dust, having spent its life in some sort of industrial setting. Once it was mostly dust-free, I tried plugging it in and hitting the power button. Initially it turned on okay (the power LED lit up, the PSU fan spun up and the red LED on the Ethernet board lit up, but I didn't hear any chimes), but when I tried again with a monitor hooked up an hour or two later, I found the whole machine completely, utterly dead. No response at all to multiple attempts to power it on - no LED's, no fan, no clicks, no nuthin. Prompted by some folks on Twitter, I did a more careful inspection of the motherboard and sure enough, found at least a few tiny metal capacitors ("SMD's"?) with a crusty exterior I'd previously missed due to the extreme dust situation inside the machine. Given my own observations + what I'm reading online, it seems 99% likely that the machine needs to be recapped. However, I'm a total novice with recapping work, so I'm both excited to learn and unsure where to start. I'd like to order a healthy supply of replacement capacitors of the correct varieties, but I'm not sure what search terms to be using. TL;DR: Can someone help me build a 'shopping list' of the specific parts I'll need to recap a Mac IIci? Bonus points for any tips / tricks / guidance a first-timer would find helpful. Thanks! Huxley
  7. It's been 10+ years since I had the Quadra booted but I think it was running System 7.1. The IIci is new to me and doesn't have a hard drive yet, so it'll run whatever suits it I've sent an email to the seller - hopefully they're willing to haggle a little! Huxley
  8. Great info, thanks! One of the pics in the listing does show the cable, and it appears to end in a sort of squid-like extension with ADB, audio, video, etc. - I'm assuming that's the adapter you're describing?
  9. As noted in the title, I'm just trying to figure out if an Apple AudioVision 14 Display would be a good / appropriate match for a Mac IIci and/or a Quadra 950. I've got a IIci (in pretty rough shape, it's a recent rescue from an e-waste place) and a well-specced Quadra 950 in storage. Someone in my area has the AudioVision display listed for sale, and looks pretty interesting given the built-in speakers and input/output options. Their asking price is a little high but I'm thinking they may accept an offer. Given that I don't currently have a Mac CRT and would like to have one again, this seems like a decent option if it would work well with those Macs noted above. Thanks for any guidance! Huxley
  10. Hey! Happy to do this, probably later next week. I'm frantically prepping for our appearance at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire this weekend (followed by our usual local meetup in my hometown), so I'm mostly hoping that the 128k's PSU board doesn't completely give up having being heavily used for a couple days. Given the historical significance of this machine, I'm expecting a LOT of people to want to try it out
  11. Update: I solved it! Turns out, the CF cards cannot be partitioned with a Master Boot Record scheme, they need to be in Apple Partition Map format! Once I tried this, it immediately started working!
  12. So a few years ago I bought a Tecnobytes ClassicIDE board for my Apple IIe / IIGS, and I'm finally trying to get it working. This is a card which allows an Apple II-series machine to use a CompactFlash card as though it were a hard drive. Very cool... if I could get it working! I've been following the guide as closely as I can, using "known good" CF cards (a 128meg and a 256meg, the smallest ones I have around), not nothing I do seems to get the IIGS to actually boot from the CF card. I can go into the ClassicIDE menu on the IIGS and putz with the settings in there (seen in the pic below) but again, nothing seems to work and those settings aren't defined or explained in the user manual. Any tips or tricks or suggestions here? I've got the latest CiderPress on my PC, I've got what I'm pretty sure are good drive images loaded with system software, CiderPress seems to be working fine, but here I am. Thanks for any guidance - I really want to get this working! Pic here (since uploading seems to be broken):
  13. I'm happy to do that when things settle down for me in a week or so (post-Maker Faire), on the condition that you share whatever you create - I want a copy hanging on my wall too! H.
  14. As I'm deep into preparations for the upcoming Retro Roadshow events I've mentioned over in the Lounge, I thought it might be fun to see if this old Mac 128k actually works. I bought it sight-unseen 12-13 years ago when I was living in Albuquerque, and I either never used it or only powered it up to confirm that it was functional at the time. Either way, I never spent much time using it, and it's been sitting in its padded Apple Carrying Case ever since. Until an hour or so ago, I had no idea what accessories or software were in the bag, but happily it turns out to be some cool stuff! I've broken most of it out in this Imgur album - take a look here: https://imgur.com/gallery/SjYELF8 What a cool machine! Huxley
  15. Huxley

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I'm following this thread and have nothing of value to add given my complete lack of electrical engineering / programming skills, but I can definitely say that I'd happily help fund a project along these lines, in whatever format that makes sense (chipping in to help cover development costs, pre-ordering a couple kits, etc.). Having a greyscale SE/30 would be awesome. If there was a "stretch goal" to incorporate Ethernet too, I'd be super excited and willing to pay an additional amount that is probably unreasonable LOL. My current "main" SE/30 has an Ethernet card installed and I'd hate to lose that... but I agree with all the comments above about needing to avoid 'feature creep.' I don't want or need an external monitor, a CPU upgrade would be cool but is almost certainly unrealistic, etc. Carry on - I'll be cheering from the sidelines! Huxley