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  1. dannycivic02

    Damaged simms

    Sorry to hear that buddy I nearly bought some after your original post as well.
  2. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    Yeah I've done bits like that too, I'm more mechanical then electronics ex mechanical engineer truck driver now though, but I do love tech especially the old stuff. I never had a mac but back in college I used to use them in graphic design, I'm sure we used to use colour classics at some point too I would like to get one of those eventually. Modern wise though although it may be sacrilege on this site I have no interest in modern apple products. I'm over in lincolnshire. I'm guessing the cost of your repair is nearly as much as the postage though.
  3. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    There's perhaps hope then, I have pretty much no knowledge with boards and stuff my skills go as far as building a few pcs. So I certainly won't be attempting any more on this myself really, I don't trust myself. I would really like to get it working though it's staring at me!
  4. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    So I gave my board a wash and and an ammonia bath came up a lot better than I thought although some of the corrosion on the RAM SIM socket I just couldn't get cleaned off so I think that will need replacing for sure. All the traces around the battery holder don't look too bad to me although I would of like to of removed it all together to get a good look underneath but I think that's a bit beyond me, I couldn't figure it out. I think it may of been stored on its side though which would explain the ram slots and the case chassis. Oh and 2 of my ram sticks where covered quite a bit so I have written them off so im now down 2. Defiantly think I need to replace these 2 sockets I just couldn't get this corrosion off im guessing its gone right through from the top of the socket. Thanks for the advice uniserver would you say its worth it on this board?
  5. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    It was 90 delivered the pickings were pretty slim though unless I wanted to pay more than double that which in hindsight may of been a better option. Yeah get that battery out seems to do the most damage from what I've been reading.
  6. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    Fingers crossed for you neal at least your half way there with it working. Must admit it was a pain getting something to fit in the hole for the case screws I used torc bit with a long screw driver and it wouldn't fit all the way in the hole until I introduced it to my friend dremel. I shaved the bit holder part down until it fit in the hole. I have removed my battery and ram and rom cards now ready for the dishwasher this afternoon then out for supplies for an ammonia bath afterwards.
  7. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    Haha Im not that shocked with the dishwasher been reading a fair bit this week. Think I might give that a go, im starting to think that it might be cheaper to just source a new board or mac, can you even get replacement SIMM sockets for these?
  8. dannycivic02

    SE/30 have I bought a dud?

    Hi im new to the forum I just purchased my first apple macintosh ever, I have used them in the past at college many years ago but really fancied one of the old compact style ones. So after a bit of research I decided on the SE/30 being the powerhouse of the compacts, I should also point out im in the uk so I wouldn't say they were readily available but never the less I managed to find one that was described as in working order. So I received my Shiny pre'loved Macintosh today and first thing I did was remove the logic board to check for leaky caps and to remove the battery. To late, sadly the battery had already gone although the mess seems to be just in the battery socket. I then noticed that 2 of the ram sticks are erm in a right state is this some how related to the battery going? Is this board possible salvageable? Im not super technical, aside from building a few pcs so any advice is greatly appreciated. Sorry about the picture quality lightings not the best tonight. Thanks Dan