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  1. 68krazy

    Quantum hard Drive repair

    Just curious, why do you prefer to keep the original drives running over other solutions?
  2. 68krazy

    screen geometry default CC

    Out of curiosity, does anybody know where to measure and how to adjust B+ on these boards?
  3. Hi all, we've had threads about "which compact is the best?" before, but I'm wondering if we can have a thread specifically about the vintage Mac that needs no introduction: the SE/30. It gets a lot of love, and seems to be most appealing and valuable out of all the compacts. People want this thing. But why? What makes it such a desirable model, and, more importantly, does it live up to the hype? -------------------------------- I own an SE/30, and personally, I have found it to be a fantastic little computer that presents enormous tinkering possibilities. Doing a full restore on an SE/30 is just the beginning of the road; once you've it running nice and stable, the upgrade possibilities are endless. And that, I believe, is what makes it such an alluring little machine. It's relatively powerful to begin with, and can only grow stronger the longer you own it. That being said, the SE/30 is my first compact. The other compacts may be equally or even more charming. A lot of what I love about it—the sharp little black and white screen, classic MacOS vibes, the way it's small enough to sit unobtrusively on the corner of your desk—also applies to the rest of the compact line. So am I in love with the SE/30, or with compact macs in general? Curious to hear from those who have had lots of compacts for a hopefully objective conversation.
  4. 68krazy

    Macintosh LC very quiet speaker

    I had very faint sound on my SE/30 when I first bought it. New caps brought it back to regular volume.
  5. 68krazy

    Trying to fire up my Apple II Plus

    Have you popped the chips all the way out of the sockets (carefully, so as to not bend the pins) and then put them back in? Often, they need more than a push.
  6. Did someone say R G B ?! Sounds like this is going to be a very refined product when it's done. Looking good so far!
  7. If you put the SD card in a modern Mac, it can read the files on it no problem. Can't write to it though. If anybody knows of a program to make an actual image of SCSI2SD SD cards, I have actually been curious about that lately myself!
  8. 68krazy

    Macintosh IIsi

    Quick question: what are those googly eyes in the menu bar? I've seen them many times before but have never been able to figure out what they are for.
  9. 68krazy

    Macintosh IIsi

    It’s funny, I’ve never owned a IIsi but have always really wanted one. There’s something cool about it. We had one in my 2nd grade classroom way back when. A Performa 6116CD was my first computer ever when I was a kid during the late 90s. So both your childhood Macs are related to my childhood Macs. To the OP, that’s a nice IIsi you’ve got there. I particularly like the nice Trinitron monitor you matched with the machine. Overall, a very nice vintage Mac setup!
  10. You’ll love the SCSI2SD. It makes the Vintage Macintosh life a lot easier! I hadn’t seen this thread before now, but I’m loving your SE/30 setup. Great work!
  11. 68krazy

    Mac SE serial port vanished ?

    Interesting thread, this explains a lot. I have had trouble getting the modem port to work for AppleTalk on my SE/30, now I know why!
  12. 68krazy

    Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    If I’m not mistaken, Michael McMaster is from Australia as well? He has been very responsive to the community regarding SCSI2SD issues and suggestions over the past few years. Seems like a really great guy! Also, I’m guessing, something of a SCSI guru at this point.
  13. 68krazy

    New Lisa Hardware Coming

    Excuse me for a second guys, I need to clean up a puddle of drool over here after reading CC's post ]'> I would jump at the opportunity to put a brand new motherboard in my SE/30!