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    IMG Card 1

    From the album: Mac IIfx Conquest

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    IMG 1 All cards

    From the album: Mac IIfx Conquest

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    MacIIfx ebay

    From the album: Mac IIfx Conquest

  4. I picked up a 450Mhz G4 Cube recently on ebay. The seller said it worked fine until recently when he plugged the power supply into the wall and heard a 'sparking' sound. Since then it hasn't powered on - he believed it was the power supply, however, even with a replacement Power Supply, the cube did not power on. Have done the usual, replacing battery and reseating ram etc (and replacement ext. power brick), with no luck. I understand that a green light (LED) should come on if power is coming through, but could not see that anywhere (where is it supposed to be?) Disassembling the cube, most components look fine, the motherboard and AGP Gfx card look pristine, with no obvious issues. The exception seems to be the DC DC/VRM Board (820-1152-A) - see pics below - which has some scaling/marks where the connector is - so it seems maybe the DC board took the hit? Any other thoughts?
  5. Have now tried replacing the DC to DC VRM board on my Cube (and tried with 2 different power supplies) but still no luck!! Any ideas? Should I see a green light on the motherboard somewhere? Any help appreciated.
  6. Link to large image. See where the connector is attached to pcb. Is this damage or normal? https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/sizes/962-g4-cube-820-1152-back/large/ CC_333, thanks for the offer, have sourced one locally. Hopefully that is all it needs.
  7. TimHD

    Radius SE/30 TPD card drivers?

    I find this is best resource for Radius, seems to have mirrored the old (broken) links from Radius. Includes software. http://radius.vintagebox.de I have this cable (http://web.archive.org/web/19971024222617/http://www.radius.com/Support/TechWeb/Cables/0057.html), but this seems to be (Monitor) BNC to (Mac) DB-15, rather than something I'd connect to the BNC adapter on the back of the Mac SE/30 with a Radius TPD card, and then into a monitor... So would I need a BNC to BNC cable to go into a TPD monitor then? (Has anyone actually linked a TPD and an SE.30 successfully here?)
  8. TimHD

    Radius SE/30 TPD card drivers?

    I have the 2 TPD cards and one connector to the back of my SE/30 (BNC) and I have what I believe is the correct monitor cable that is BNC to a 15 pin (the Apple 2 lines of pins) VGA plug and was going to source a VGA monitor with wide Hz to pickup this, once I sorted out if drivers were needed. Interestingly Tattle Tech doesn't seem to see either card as 'Radius' cards. Just saying Macintosh II, ID=16 or something.
  9. Can you share a link or search title.
  10. TimHD

    Radius SE/30 TPD card drivers?

    Anyone got a Radius TPD working on their SE/30s? Is there any drivers needed (not keen to get monitor if there's software needed and it's not available).
  11. TimHD

    Daystar Turbo 040 - Anyone have PDF Manual?

    Any luck finding the manual. Would be good to get a full manual up somewhere.
  12. Was there any special software (drivers/apps) it needed? Will give it a try on my 5400/225 Directors Edition Black Mac.
  13. TimHD

    Radius SE/30 TPD card drivers?

    Here's some shots of the boards https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/sizes/951-radius-tpd-cards-rev-a-d-1989/large/
  14. From the album: Radius TPD for SE/30

    Revision A and D (1989) SE/30 Two-Page Display Cards from Radius Black PDS board is a Rev. A, Assy No: 632-0025 White PDS board is a Rev. D, Assy No. 632-006. The latter one with white PDS connector is taller and has additional mounts at top (I assume for horizontal mounting in a IIsi's 'electrically compatible' 030 PDS)
  15. TimHD

    50mhz Daystar Powercache SE/30

    Not as yet. My IIsi and PSU were having issues and was going to try it on them once they come back from checks/repairs (had no luck earlier on my recapped SE/30). The previous owner of the Turbo 030 board did suggest he had no luck with it on his system, so it might be bad. If I have no luck will probably pass it on to whoever wants it and can do something with it.
  16. Anyone know what the common sizings of HDD/Power LEDs is based on? (i.e. is it the diameter or the length of the LED?) I bought a bi-color LED over the net, but it turned out be smaller than I expected! (It had no sizing and scale is near impossible to guess from a standard picture). After a bit more digging, seems there's 3mm and 5mm, 8.5mm and possibly larger sizes, but it's not clear which is the measure I should be going off to find a replacement 3 pin/bi-colour LED). I can measure the existing one, but before I 'try' again, thought I'd get a response on file so as to help the next person who comes along and has the same problem!
  17. TimHD

    Radius TPD SE/30 cable components

    Thanks all. Does anyone know what the smaller connector is called? (So I can order a connector that works with it) The male/female bnc that goes on the back plate is standard (so easy to buy) but not sure how to describe / find the smaller one. It measures 8mm in diameter and looks like a male (has single wire in the centre) plug that goes into a standard female BNC connector - just without the outer sheath that locks onto the little bars you see coming out of std connectors like old network connectors. Maybe it's just needs a simple female connector without the lock mechanism you see on BNC adapters used externally (and hence at risk of falling off).
  18. TimHD

    Daystar 33Mhz Turbo 040 issues

    While the System Requirements listing on the box says that only the "SE/30, Mac II, IIx and IIcx" are supported "ALL" with an adapter, other models debuted after these models would not have got a mention (e.g. IIcx Sep 20 1989, IIsi Oct 15 1990). See: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/timeline/4ad0dff076856f40ed20a583fc31073f.png That puts this box as circa 1987-88 but interestingly my Turbo 040 board has 'Copyright 1992' on it! Hmmm In any event, I found this page on Lowendmac that lists all models that are supported: http://lowendmac.com/1993/daystar-turbo-040-processor-upgrade/. Hence I presume my SE/30 TwinSpark adapter should therefore work (instead of A31S2-000) for both the SE/30 and IIsi (as you note), whereas, none appear to be needed for IIci, IIvx, IIvi, and Performa 600.
  19. From the album: Daystar Digital 33Mhz Turbo 040

    Daystar Digital Turbo 040 Box Compatibility chart on the back of the box.
  20. TimHD

    change drive icon

    Can you share the icon / image file?
  21. TimHD

    Daystar 33Mhz Turbo 040 issues

    The Daystar Digital Turbo 040 box says it works with 'the SE/30, Macintosh II, IIx and IIcx, with appropriate adapter'. I was wondering why it does not list either the IIci (isn't that the same as the IIcx, just a slower CPU?) or the IIsi (even SE/30 radius '030' video boards work in IIsi with a special right angle adapter, Asante network adapter too). Would've thought the Artemix Twin Spark adapter was a II or IIcx to SE/30 only adapter (maybe that's a physical not electrical thing)
  22. This forum is great, but man it's hard to get pictures in here! The link was to a My Gallery Page, that I have set to 'Public' so it should just work! Will try adding the picture of the damaged area using the 'My Media' icon in the editor.. Hopefully you can see this image now.. [edit: I can see this after posting it, but let me know if still not visible] Conductive Pen seems to be the best solution... (makes sense as the membrane wiring looks like those de-misters on the rear windows of cars)