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  1. dcr

    Are these computers worth getting?

    FPU = Floating Point Unit, which is basically a math coprocessor. If I recall, there was some software that required an FPU. I know at work back then, we started with an LC (no FPU) and later got an LC III (don't remember if it had the optional FPU or not) and it seems to me the only thing that maybe didn't work on the LC was a game or two. Oops. Just saw this was already answered.
  2. There was a useful video on YouTube someone posted last year I think that was basically an introduction to soldering that had a lot of good information in it. I don't remember the thread, but hopefully someone will remember the thread or video and post a link. The other thing I would recommend is to buy some inexpensive electronics kits. I've gotten ones from AdaFruit, but SparkFun and many others have them. That gives you good practice without risking screwing up a Mac, and you can instantly see results. It can help build skill and confidence. Does your soldering kit include a solder sucker? If not, get one. I don't know how I got along without one.
  3. dcr

    ROMinator II Pickle of an issue

    I've never had a PowerUser SyQuest drive, but the other SyQuest drives I used did not have built-in termination. We used a terminator that simply connected to one of the SCSI connectors on the back of the drive. It was something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACTIVE-SCSI-TERMINATOR-50-PIN-CENTRONICS-MALE-SCSI-1-TERMINATOR-ACTIVE-50-PIN/282477893471
  4. dcr

    Sci drive not working

    I think olePigeon is right about installing the Syquest software. I don't think Syquest support was ever built-in and always required the Syquest INIT to load during the computer's startup process.
  5. dcr

    ADB Mouse G5431 -- two variants

    I think the fourth variant is the one where the mouse ball cover slides rather than twists. I listed the ones I've seen in this thread: ADB Wedge Mouse Variants I should update with photos sometime.
  6. Thanks all! That looks to be the spot where it plugs in. I'll try to remember to take a photo the next time I dare open the case. (These cases have nearly reached the point where you have to ask yourself what's going to break this time I open it?)
  7. Hello, I have an unknown card in a 7200. Very tiny. Not a PCI card; it plugs into a different slot. I didn't take a photo but can at some point if need be. It's an Apple card with a copyright date of 1995, 96. The cable has the numbers 590-4545-A and MEC 9624. The card itself has 820-0697-B. I've tried searching online but haven't come up with a match. I did come up with an apple pie recipe though. I must have found something on it at one time because in my notes I listed that the machine contains a sound card. Seeing as that's the only card in the machine besides RAM, I'm guessing that the tiny thing is some sort of sound card. Haven't found anything more than that though. Not sure if it was an add-on or something that's supposed to be in there. Any guesses? Is there a good place to look up Apple part numbers to see what they were for? I've tried a couple places that sell parts but didn't get any results. Thanks!
  8. dcr

    Ethernet Hub Repair

    Can ethernet hubs be repaired? Over the years, I've had a number that basically stopped working. Lights still worked and all, but no network connection. Wasn't cables or computers because swapping out the hub fixed the problem. I remember one time, I had a hub that worked for years. Finally stopped networking. Swapped it out for the same model and brand and the new one worked for a week or two before it too stopped working. Anyone know what might go bad and if components (capacitors maybe?) can be replaced to get them working again? I don't know where one would start to diagnose the problem. Would be nice to put them back to work again if they are repairable.
  9. dcr

    The Newest ImageWriter II?

    FWIW, I have one that shows a copyright date of 1995 on the bottom. Is there somewhere else that shows the month and date of manufacture? They were still used in the late 90s for printing mailing labels. Labeling equipment would also have pins to accept the pinfeed labels, and then automatically affix the label to the mailing piece. I think we still used a dot matrix printer (Epson though, not an ImageWriter II) into the 2000s for printing mailing labels. I think maybe at least until 2004 or so. Maybe. I don't remember for certain.
  10. dcr

    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    I ran either 7.5.5 or 7.5.3 on mine. It ran fine and was a real workhorse.
  11. dcr

    PowerMac 8500 AV Card

    As I recall, 640x480 was high quality video back then. You could output through the s-video for S-VHS quality recordings. Then you could create your master tape in S-VHS and make your VHS copies from that which would give you high quality VHS videos without the deteriorating quality from copying from VHS to VHS.
  12. dcr

    PowerMac 8500 AV Card

    As I recall, no, unless there was a mirroring setting somewhere which I don't recall. The output mirrors what would be in the video software application's window. So, you could connect a VCR to the output jack and see in the application window what you're recording. I'm going from memory though. I have a 7500 but it's been ages since I've done any video work with it. (I used Adobe Premiere back then.)
  13. dcr

    First print on my SE

    Well, modern common home printers anyway. Modern computers are really only limited by software and output device. Software probably isn't as limiting as the output device. You can still buy dot matrix printers but they aren't the primary printer for general use anymore. Most people are going to prefer a laser or inkjet printer. I think there are some that support paper rolls, but what's the likelihood of people buying a paper roll when paper sheets are the most common usage? They're probably only going to buy rolls of paper if they have a wide-format printer, which is not something most people have at home and also not something most people are going to need. It is interesting though when modern technology decreases the number of things you can do with a device rather than increasing. Sure, printing is higher quality than before and it's nice to be able to use normal paper instead of having to separate sheets and tear off the pin-feed strip, but now you can't really do banners at home anymore. I wonder if anyone has done a comparison of the cost of printer ribbons versus inkjet printer cartridges.
  14. dcr

    Dry joint example

    Shop carefully for those clip-on lenses. I've been disappointed with the quality of mine.
  15. dcr

    My quest is at an end

    I think that was likely the same paint I used in the 90s to make Halloween decorations. I'd take flat boxes, spray them with that paint and make them into tombstones. Fun stuff.