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  1. avadondragon

    Radius.sea.hqx - the Holy Grail of drivers . . .

    Was that RadiusWare2.0 image the installer version from the Mac Driver Museum? I found my diskcopy image and it is definitely the one from the original archive. Also I went looking and I have a 486 motherboard so that PROM burner could possibly come back to life. Just need a copy of the Radius Accelerator Mac SE v2.1 ROM.
  2. avadondragon

    Radius.sea.hqx - the Holy Grail of drivers . . .

    On a related note I don't have the sys7 updated ROMs on my board and it makes it a bit flakey.... If only I had a motherboard with ISA slots so I could use my PROM burner again!
  3. avadondragon

    Radius.sea.hqx - the Holy Grail of drivers . . .

    I... MIGHT have that. Not totally sure though. I definitely have a radius accelerator 16 in my SE and the driver disk for it in my archive. Unsure of the version.
  4. avadondragon

    Potentially Unasked Networking Question

    2.1 is actually an unofficial patch that is applied to 2.0.6 and is available here.
  5. avadondragon

    Potentially Unasked Networking Question

    Oh, I haven't used 2.0.6 in so long I forgot how weird it could be. But if 2.1 needs more RAM it certainly can't be very much it still has a tiny memory footprint. I use it on all of my compact Macs.
  6. avadondragon

    Potentially Unasked Networking Question

    Yep you can use ANY range. I have to change mine to the 10.x.x.x range to use my PowerBook170 on campus. Then switch back to 192.168.x.x for home.
  7. avadondragon

    Warning PB180C Owners!!

    I had this happen on a PB160 display too. Luckily I got to my 180c before too much cap goo damage could take place.
  8. avadondragon

    System 7 not booting on SE/30

    Nice job! I always enjoy seeing people's success with this stuff. Plus if you hang around long enough you get to see may of the things that could go wrong on your own hardware. Would have never guessed a system could boot sys6 but not sys7 because of a bad trace!
  9. avadondragon

    180 (and other lcd, I gues) reassembly

    I did this to a IBM PC Convertible that I was attempting a EL panel backlight mod on. In my case I ended up breaking a couple of the retention clips on the metal bracket. I keep thinking I will machine a new metal piece but have never gotten around to it. Probably never will sadly. I think I might have disturbed the alignment on one of the zebras too. Half of the screen is beautiful and perfect and everything I was hoping for when I started the project. The other half looks like garbage.
  10. avadondragon

    Mac SE FDHD ROM / SWIM PROM clones?

    You seem to have a very good grasp of the situation now. The ROMs are easy enough to copy (you could probably even find an FDHD ROM dump onine) if you can get another SMIW from somewhere and Sony floppy drive then you'll have yourself an upgraded SE FDHD. I did exactly this on my own SE.
  11. avadondragon

    System 7 not booting on SE/30

    That's an odd problem. My first inclination is to think it has something to do with boot media. What are you booting FROM? Floppies? Is the sys6 disk 800k and all the sys7 disks 1.4M? If so can you read the sys7 disks at all on that machine? Can you boot another machine from the same media so you KNOW it is good? You know, the usual questions...
  12. avadondragon

    Mac SE FDHD ROM / SWIM PROM clones?

    The SWIM is not a ROM so it can't simply be copied with a PROM burner. You must duplicate the logic inside the thing and then replicate it in a custom logic device. I once had the fantasy of reverse engineering the SWIM chip and recreating it in a cheap PLD. Seemed like something fun to put my FPGA project board to use on. I gathered up a ton of technical documents on it but then I mysteriously discovered an FDHD buried in the woods and stole its ROMs and SWIM chip so I lost interest in the idea. In theory someone that had a good understanding of how the SWIM chip worked could do it. Maybe the guy over at BMOW who made the Floppy Emu could do it? If you steal a SWIM out of another Mac (and it's floppy drive) you can copy the ROM from the FDHD and make that work. There are different versions of the SWIM and a couple different packages for the original SWIM.
  13. avadondragon

    3D-Printed Objects

    I think even my tiny RepRap could handle a CDROM Bezel if I fit it diagonally so almost ANY printer could probably print one. Modelling from an original part isn't difficult at all. I really enjoy it actually. Some of those mac parts have some absolutely crazy geometry though. I spent a couple hours one day calculating all the radii of a particular case front to get a model correct. I think the biggest obstacle with making new models is that you need: A: The original part or at very least the machine it would go on to use for measurements. B: Some CAD package and a bit of talent using it. C: Your own functioning 3D printer to do test prints on. I actually got into 3D printing because my first models failed to print correctly and I didn't know why. I built a printer from scratch to understand how they worked and how to design my models in a suitable manner to make them print nicely. Just because you make a perfect replica of a part doesn't necessarily yield a printable replacement. Often some element just doesn't print well and you have to develop some strategy for compensating while maintaining the original aesthetic.
  14. avadondragon

    3D-Printed Objects

    We need to start a Wiki page collection of 3D printable Mac parts for easy access. Scrolling through pages of discussion is sub-optimal. I've also seen other people have modeled some of the same things I have which is a silly duplication of effort that could be invested in creating even MORE Mac parts!
  15. avadondragon

    Mini vMac on 68k PowerBook?

    Unfortunately not usable - unbarably slow. But it is still a nice proof of concept.