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  1. SE SuperView from SuperMac

  2. SE SuperView from SuperMac

  3. SE SuperView from SuperMac

    Here are some info. I believe it will only drive a TTL monitor. It is b&w. You also need the driver disk to use this card.
  4. I have a pacific talk appletalk interface module. It is an apple talk to hp laser adapter Now for the buts. Its appletalk to parallel and you need a mac that runs system 6. .
  5. Unexepected fan in SE30

    That strange. Apple produced a kit to change the board from horizontal to vertical and a box fan on the se. I opened an se 30 and it has a vertical board on the back of the crt. The board is labeled macintosh se video bd 820-027-c. I have a vertical board that I can send you.
  6. I have a few of these. If anyone wants one send me a pm. https://www.flickr.com/photos/48978576@N08/8081435685/in/dateposted-public/
  7. Printer cable for 128K or 512K Mac (DE9 to MiniDIN8)

    pin outs for 590-332
  8. Null modem cable for a Lisa

    printer cable
  9. Null modem cable for a Lisa

    pin numbers
  10. Null modem cable for a Lisa

    wiring diagrams
  11. system 6/7 apps to osX

    a friend sent this to me In seamlessly compiling System 6/7 era software in a modern open source compiler to yield "real" OS X apps. Pretty amazing. The guy retroactively rebuilt the entire Mac ROM/library calls, from the sounds of it. http://blog.steventroughtonsmith.com/post/109040361205/mpw-carbon-and-building-classic-mac-os-apps-in-os His side by side comparison of the same code compiling on a classic original Mac and on OS X. Pretty mind blowing.
  12. LaserwriterII NTX - fixing the AC Power block

    I have a couple of lw ll that I am going to recycle. I can send you a power supply from one if you want
  13. Mac Video Adapter

    That makes since Elfen. I do remember seeing the projector lcd panels I anyone wants it let me know. I will send it to you.
  14. Mac Video Adapter

    Has anyone seen an add on board like this. Marked : Mac video adapter fsa 1988 made in usa Eastman Kodak P/n ?010 Rev E (the first no is unreadable) Has on Ic sn75als 192 N more pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/48978576@N08/sets/72157649089904292/