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  1. oldappleguy

    Apple ImageWriter II ribbon not adavncing

    I have the Apple service manual for the imagewiter //. Its in paper form. If you want it I can send it to you. It is too many pages to scan.
  2. oldappleguy

    aadjustble keyboard guide

  3. oldappleguy

    aadjustble keyboard guide

    Free Apple adjusable keyboard user"s guide.
  4. oldappleguy

    Super Mac video card info

    here are drop box links to super mac video card information. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g15fxi38mfkd9uq/AADNF3yCPoiwpLibhkY9RkaPa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h0vhwrbpq9sev91/AABeUKCBtQKA8kugu5SHePeDa?dl=0
  5. oldappleguy

    Multiple internal SCSI devices in a SE/30?

    here is a scsi ribbon cable with two connections on one end .
  6. Rick I found this information Steve
  7. oldappleguy

    Can someone post a pic of a Mac II drive sled?

    I can send you a bracket.
  8. oldappleguy

    radius rocket photo booster

    radius rocket photo booster add on card
  9. oldappleguy

    radius rocket info

    radius rocket spec sheets
  10. oldappleguy

    SE SuperView from SuperMac

  11. oldappleguy

    SE SuperView from SuperMac

  12. oldappleguy

    SE SuperView from SuperMac

    Here are some info. I believe it will only drive a TTL monitor. It is b&w. You also need the driver disk to use this card.
  13. I have a pacific talk appletalk interface module. It is an apple talk to hp laser adapter Now for the buts. Its appletalk to parallel and you need a mac that runs system 6. .