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  1. Motorola Marco now working!

    Share the link please. I have one of these lovely devices and a manual would be nice to have.
  2. What vintage macs do you own?

    ah IIsi as well and the monochrome portrait and 13" monochrome or is it 12" I forget now. I desperately need to build a proper cabinet to house all my equipment. That's my next project because right now my gear is scattered across the floor and desks. Lots of love though that's for sure.
  3. What vintage macs do you own?

    Of the top of my head. Just recently acquired a 7200 and a 7500 Quadra 950 SE/30 (have parts to recap) … on hold for now Macintosh Colour Classic with Mystic mod Powerbook Titanium G4 (one Japanese keyboard and 3 American kids) 2 are dead for parts only. Powerbook G4 17 and 12 (x2) one busted for parts 3 Powerbook G3 Snow White iMac G3 iMac G3 333 (recently replaced logic board and totally restored plastics and internal metals) Powerbook 2400 (x2) one with GLOD (argh) Powerbook 140 (I think that's the model) Various Newtons and an eMare, including Motorola Marco and Sharp Newton There is more but I can't remember them all. Lots of random parts Oh yeah how could I forget 2 PowerMac G4s (first gen ones with blue plastics) One Quicksilver One Mirror Door I have a tools to restore the plastics and will be retrobriting this summer.
  4. If you are in the US and are looking for somewhere to buy capacitors and such then try mouser.com or arrow.com. I believe the latter can ship from the US as well.
  5. SE/30 inside pics for newbies

    Brilliant link!
  6. Neal, if you need more help, please let me know, I am always happy to help others. I am just not sure if my answer was all that great and I want to make sure you are really helped out as much as possible. I know what it's like when I have questions, some of them rather ignorant. Just let me know —Alex
  7. Firstly, I am glad that whoever was ill is now well again. I don't have an component kit and to be honest, I have my own SE30, a IIsi and a Quadra 950 to work on myself. I have not done analogue boards and power supplies but if you've done those, which are usually more crammed with parts than a logic board I think you have the skills needed but you clearly need some help with that symptom. I wouldn't know offhand what it causing it but needless to say, it is recommended that you recap the SE30 logic board. This should be a good reference: http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Capacitor_Reference.html Maccaps lists the parts needed for cap replacement. I emailed him once for some info on recapping the SE/30, he had this to say "First of all I don't suggest you use tantalums they are not the right cap for the pads I suggest organic polymer or I suggest mlcc of the package size 1 206". If you look up those terms or email him at hardwaremack@gmail.com I am sure he can provide a little more help. I had already bought tantalum caps and they are at home in a box waiting for installation but I've been too busy. I am going to post some books in PDF by Larry Pina, he had some excellent books back in the day that I think are really helpful, it might help you find the symptom and resolution. The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls.pdf Mac_Classic_&_SE_Repair_and_Upgrade_Secrets.pdf
  8. Revived a Powerbook 520c

    Looks great! Love the little PowerCD, really nice unit. That is a nice setup you have going. There is something really charming about these older vintage macs. Glad to see all the old hardware still working!
  9. Revived a Powerbook 520c

    Sounds good. And yes, Flint is a disaster that should never have happened, sadly it is not the only city suffering. So the software is not by Apple? I would try what's on the Macintosh Repository.
  10. Revived a Powerbook 520c

    I found the software you are looking for … https://www.macintoshrepository.org/6877-apple-older-software-downloads-archive?ns=1. Search for Battery on this page using our browser. Download and enjoy!
  11. Revived a Powerbook 520c

    Gorgeous little machine. Could you provide any more details on the "intelligent" battery? In terms of the pram battery, I am not sure of the model in that unit but if you make a video of yourself taking apart the PRAM battery I am sure you will find that you can rebuild it with new batteries. There shouldn't be anything terribly difficult. So the idea is to unwrap the battery seal and once you get the old batteries out you should be able to read the values and simply rebuild the battery and reattach the original cables. I personally use copper tape, I try to avoid soldering onto batteries as the heat can blow them up. Maybe this is an idea for you to explore and consider.
  12. Hello I am ordering some caps and other goodies for the SE30, Q950 and IIsi but since I recently purchased the IIsi, I want to recap it's PSU even if there is nothing apparently wrong. I am having some trouble finding documentation to tell me what caps I need. Any info or a link to the caps I need would be appreciated otherwise I got to open her up to get the values so I can add it to the order. Thanks a million!
  13. You're a life saver! Thanks a million, I was unable to find this using any of my favorite search engines.
  14. Hi Does anyone have the tantalum dimensions that I should purchase? I just got an SE30 logic board and want to start removing the old caps and replacing them with tantalums. Would appreciate anyone's help. I only need info for these two: 1 - 1µf - 50V - SMT 10 - 47µf - 16V - SMT Source: http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1989/1/19_Macintosh_SE_30.html Thanks!
  15. Just a quick update. I believe I figured it out. derating guideline of 20%(>10v), 10%(≤10V). The other part that confuses me is the ESR/Impedance value I think I meant tolerance and I believe the lower the better and the same applies with ESR, the lower the better. I just wanted to put this extra bit of knowledge here.