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  1. I’ll probably just eBay the card since I’ll never use it. I would rather it be in the hands of someone who will put it back into service
  2. Figured it out! The computer also has a Radius two page display card installed. It requires ROM 4.4 for system 7 support I guess and mine appears to have 4.1 installed. Removed it and had zero issues doing anything system 7 related!
  3. I know the splash screen shows the latest firmware, but I have never been able to get booted into the install to add a extension to the system folder. What I may do is install 7.0.1 from inside system 6 as an upgrade or something and place the extension there before doing so?
  4. I’ll have to give that a shot tonight
  5. Ok, I bought a Mac SE SuperDrive with a 40mb hard drive and a Radius Accelerator SE 16 68020 and 4mb of ram. The hard drive has SSW 6.0.8 which boots perfect. I bought a SCSI2SD and made three 2gb partitions. Installed 6.0.8 on the first and 7.5.3 on the second. The second partition with 7 hangs at the welcome to Macintosh screen. The 7.5.3 disk tools and install disk 1 hang at welcome to Macintosh. A 7.5.3 cdrom hangs at welcome to Macintosh. A system 7.0.1 disk hangs at, you guessed it, welcome to Macintosh. I have tried two different floppy drives and not work perfect inside 6.0.8 and even booting 6.0.8 floppies. I held down down the mouse button and disabled the radius accelerator, which has 2.1 rom according to splash screen which should have been the last released, and still hanging at Welcome to Macintosh. Outside of or ripping out the accelerator, along with my hair, I’m at a loss. From what I understand, only the Mac Plus version of this card has issues with System 7 according to an archive of the Q&A I found from radius. What do I do?! I am stumped! All floppies were made in system 8.1 on a Performa 635 and the CD-ROMs I have tried were burnt in hfs format on 10.5 Leopard on a g4 PowerBook.