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  1. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    SE30_Neal, take a look at this: https://www.lebow.drexel.edu/news/when-mac-came-market-street
  2. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    I understand the point you are making and I can assure you, I go both ways. I would never touch a Mac 128k with Hyperdrive or even some of the accelerators in the other compact Macs because it provides some lineage to the computer and the honest upgrade that people went through to make these things work. That said, there are is the opposite thinking that I also want to know the struggles that people went through who originally bought these things as stock. I wouldn't for a second hesitate to restore a MITS Altair 8800 if I only had one. It is iconic (good or bad usability aside) in it's unadulterated form and I can assure you that checking recent prices, others feel the same. It goes both ways. Restoration to stock for some, modded to the max for others and a little of both for some.
  3. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    I have a few original Mac 128ks. In this particular case, I was the person who bought the recent Drexel Mac upgraded to a Mac Plus here. I'd like to restore it back to stock as close as I can. I hope that makes a little more sense?
  4. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    I don't yet have it but I will check it out when it arrives. I will be restoring it back to a 128k so I am hoping it has as many original parts as possible. It will be a long wait Thanks for the replies.
  5. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    Please see pic above. Some people can tell by looking at the drive through the opening. I am thinking this is upgraded to 800k.
  6. snuci

    Upgrade from a 128k to a Mac Plus?

    Floppy drive too? I would guess it would go from a 400k drive to an 800k drive? Does this look like a 400k or 800k drive?
  7. I know this is a basic question but when a Mac 128k is upgraded to a Mac Plus, what gets replaced?
  8. snuci

    Snuci's Finds...

    Finally scored a 128k Drexel Mac. Very happy camper here.
  9. snuci

    Mac SE/30 with MicroTouch touchscreen

    It is an internal interface board that converts the capacitive glass plate touchscreen to ADB. This is the board inside that is stuck to the power supply with stand-offs and two-sided tape. It takes power from the motherboard connector. The 9 pin D-sub connector is from the touchscreen and below it is the ADB output port. You connect that ADB port to the external ADB port. Here is the touchscreen attached with two-sided tape to the CRT. There is a bit of a gap. Also, here is the technical data sheet: https://vintagecomputer.ca/files/MicroTouch/MicroTouch Mac n Touch Brochure.pdf Probably more than you wanted to know but it's pretty interesting.
  10. Finally restored my SE/30 with touchscreen. Though some might like to see her working... https://youtu.be/DF-Je337sFo
  11. snuci

    Complete TechStep

    Take a look at this thread. There is a link to the ROM files in there. I found this AFTER I asked my question.
  12. snuci

    Complete TechStep

    Awesome. This is a great picture of everything that a tech might have had. I just grabbed a Techstep off of eBay a couple days ago: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/292672465770 so I'll see what all comes with it.
  13. snuci

    Complete TechStep

    Has anyone tried to open one of those cartridges? Maybe it's not much more than an EPROM and it can be read?
  14. I have a collection of old Macs (512K, Classic etc.), HyperDrive and Tecmar drives and have worked extensively on the Macs many years ago. If you need help on your restoration efforts PM me.

  15. snuci

    Fat Mac with HyperDrive revived!

    What a great read and good pictures too! I have a couple of HyperDrives that need some work too. I'll have to pull them out when I get some time.