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  1. I might buy a floppy emu device for christmas lol its a must have for any collector in the hardwares bundle.
  2. Ok thx! It was originaly owned by the parents of a friend and it came all together in a box. I guess they surely worked well together in the past. Unless i need a proprietary driver from GCC Technology. Interleave... is it related to the symetric/asymetric write/read modes ? (forgot where i read about it, but probably a SCSI wiki page of some sort).
  3. Interesting, no. But maybe if i search for someone on the island of Montreal i could find to help before buying the device. I wonder if i should invest that much... Ok, i am new to SCSI. But if not a terminator what is its prurpose? Male/female 50pins it just extend the cable ? Doesn't make sense for me. Yes the hard drives is responsive right green led always on, left yellow led flick only when i scan for SCSI drives. Thx for the cue!
  4. Hi 69kmla community! Having some trouble figuring out how to format and initialise an external SCSI HDD (GCC Technologies UltraDrive 45) with Apple HD SC setup 2.0.3 on a Macintosh Plus from 1986 with 4MB of RAM. I read elsewhere that i need HD SC setup version 3.0 to recognise non-Apple SCSI external HDD to boot on it the system. And that 3.0 version work with System 7.0. I have System 6.0.8 on a DD Floppy Disk. The external 45MB HDD use 50pins connector with a passive SCSI terminator. The lights blinks when Mac Plus boot up and trying to find System files and also when trying to search for SCSI drives with Apple HD SC Setup but never recognised. So i need an DD 720k disk with HD SC Setup and another one with System 7 to start formatting this non apple hdd? Thank you, restoring this gift.