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    Yet another Hyperdrive 512k Mac with a twist

    "'that's the kind of post that will save someone's bacon some day" bacon officially saved. I could not remember that for the life of me but I knew this machine likely had no customization. A very nice undocumented HYPER20 just walked in and I was able to confirm both the default system password and "Command-." trick during Manager load on this machine. I needed to reformat it and get past some faded system software that would not completely boot. After format, initialization errors went to zero. So I joined just to say thanks. And I'll pay it forward with another trick from working on many many of these a few years ago when I collected them. If you have an MFM drive that can't seem to successfully format and hold your software image, I have found that if I put in in a PC and have spinrite or similar LLF tool pound on it for a day or so that the targeted machine's LLF and follow-on drive organization requests will then write without problems. The only exceptions in my history are drives that can't survive the physical rigors of this. It has killed marginal drives. So it's not advised for anything irreplaceable, but perfect for common drives that are at the resurrect-or-replace threshold. It works so well that I started doing this on machines before putting them back in deep storage with a restored HD image on them. Take care.