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    Help screen shrinking mac plus

    So I have come across a problem with my macintosh plus and that over time the screen horizontally starts to shrink. I dont know what could cause this and im not home to do research. It might be the flyback but idk.
  2. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    Another problem that could cause this is that your 12 volt line is low and that to test this just unplug your floppy drive and see if it boots. If it does there are alot of forums about how to fix the problem online.
  3. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    I would turn down the voltage cut off and it should fix the problem which I think is a easy fix. Its good that its not your mother board I can assure you its not. I think the other AB just needs a recap and a little ajustment.
  4. So I purchased a macintosh plus to fix my other macintosh (Which finaly after 4 months I figured out that the 1000 uf capasitors tolerance made them off set and didnt work correctly and that the tsm chips on both of my MBs are dead) so this new mac has started to have issues with the screen and voltage settings. The screen started to move to the bottlem left of the crt and the voltage was tripping the power and I would have to constantly change the voltage pot. So I ended up replacing the 2200 and 1000 uf caps. It fixed the voltage but not the screen issues. Even trying the horrisontal setting and vertical it would not move the screen back to the center. Im pretty sure its the fly back or the 3uf cap in next to the horizontal setting. But I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. The boot sound also sometimes drifts away too. Its sometimes quiet then sometimes loud. I cant upload a pic at the moment becuse my service is bad right now.
  5. Nathanplus

    Macintosh plus screen centering issue

    Ok so thats fixed but I still am haveing another problem I should have mentioned. The brightness knob does not work what so ever and there is no cracks in the solider, the sound issues, and the focus ajustment barely works either.
  6. Nathanplus

    Macintosh plus screen centering issue

    Ok ill try it now
  7. Nathanplus

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    I would first replace the 1000uf and 2200uf caps then check to see if your connector needs cleaning. If non of that works I would check the MB to see if your tsm chip has fried I have 2 boards with dead chips. I would also check to see if your flyback is good and if any other caps are cracked ot leaky. I have.had many macs that died during working on them. The mac plus I think is by far the worst and not fun either because they are so random even in perfect condition.
  8. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    Check the voltage pot i had that issue multiple times I would do a full recap after ajusting it to see if its your problem. You would want to turn it to the positive side a little it looks like your putting a little too much power into the MB
  9. Awesome I found that both cr21 and cr20 are shorted. Thanks I'll get back to both of you when I get it working
  10. So I'm starting a new topic to update my old one. Check out the whole story on my original issue. After finally getting a new fly back for my mac plus the fast ticking never changed. I checked the voltages on the caps and sure enough the flyback still is not getting enough power. So what I did was first heat up the caps to see if any of the 33 and 22uf caps are bad. They didn't change any thing other than speed up the ticking a little. I have never got it to stop ticking while using the heatgun. Then I thought it was my motherboard so I drowned it in vinegar carefully using an exact-o knife on corrosion and blew under neath every chip on the board to get crud out. This obviously it didn't do anything. Also during all that I cleaned the cable and tried the voltage pot, to see if the voltage was too much or too little. Nothing changed can someone point me in the right direction I'm still at a dead end.
  11. This sounds about right. But I don't know exactly, I checked all the other solutions and this is the best. I also just tested it and I am getting a resistance. Does that mean its good? I mean absolutely I'll do it any way because its just $5. I just want someone to confirm that CR5 is positively dead.
  12. Right, I'll try my best to get all caps. I really was not measuring resistance meter I was using this capasitence tester. I pulled out the cap and measured it.
  13. I did until I looked under the sticky pad. Well I re-flowed a lot of suspicious solider joints and nothing. So I still have no idea whats happening I also forgot to mention i did test the diodes and transistors by the flyback, they were all good. I also tested the optocoupler, it turned out good too.
  14. Wait the yolk plug solider is cracked I think that might be a problem let me check real quick
  15. Not C1, I used a cap tester and I got the correct capacity rating. I mean if I have to I will replace it, but it did read correctly so Idk.
  16. And replaced the two X2 4700pf and the X 0.1 uf
  17. Yes, I replaced the ones I could and tested the ones I could not. The ones I didn't test completely were the smaller 33 and 22uf 16v caps.
  18. One last thing if I didn't mention. When I was diagnosing it still ticked when the motherboard's plug was disconnected, so its the analog board
  19. sorry it looks crappy I use a LG phone. I cleaned both boards really good so its only the case and the steel that is corroded
  20. Nathanplus

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    I would buy a floppy emu its awesome I love it and it never fails. it comes with free software too if you buy it as a package.
  21. One thing I didn't mention is that I did not replace the poly caps. I would think that they were still good but maybe not Idk
  22. So I have a macintosh plus 1mb 120vac from 1987 and I have had some problems. so I picked this mac up at savers for $2 back in December and it looked like someone had it in a garage and also had put some bottle with some fluid on it that had leaked into it but had dried. When I turned it on it constantly made the start up sound and would some times respond with the floppy drives, no picture on the screen. The reasons I did not clean it first was to test the before and after affects so that I didn't damage anything in the process, and the other reason was I'm 16 and my dad wanted to only give it to me for Christmas. So a week or 2 later I opened it to see some corrosion but every thing else looked fine. after cleaning the board it would click slowly. So I don't know if it was a good thing or not but I started replacing the caps. I replaced all the caps I could and checked the ones I could not replace with a capacitor reader. After checking every other diode and transistor I switched it on and it started clicking really fast. I suspect that its a flyback after bringing it into my electronics shop, because I go to a vocational school. I don't have $100 right now to buy a replacement, I would buy a analog board online and steal the flyback, but still its a little over pricey. I mean $40 bucks is a lot, is there any other alternative part or anyone that has another idea for the problem. I would love to have this thing working because I have always wanted one since reference of them through shows and the popularity of them. This would not be the first one I have looked at, I'm not a noob I have worked on one in the past that also had a dead flyback because it was left in a cemetery and the screen was smashed in. It has a mother board that's in better condition but its my friends and the mother board is not the problem. I'm at a dead end what do you guys think I should do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aERGBzecyE here is a video of the sound
  23. Ok so I switched the old (drops keyboard on macintosh server g4) fly back with a working one from my friend. It cost me a Ibook g4 but the drive was dead and the case was not fitting correctly. So back to the story, I just switched it out 10 mins ago and the Macintosh plus now is clicking slowly i think it would either be a mother board or cap problem what do you think? this flyback worked before so
  24. Nathanplus

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Sorry man this issue your having may not work out for you. The disks are 800k for Macintosh plus and there expensive and hard to find and you cant make them on a macbook even with a usb floppy it just doesn't work. I suggest getting a zip 100 drive for your self look up the first model with cords and a disk and then use your macbook. Getting these machines in 2019 is a big hassle.