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    This Does Not Compute SE/30

    Really quick I know this is an SE/30 but I was scrolling though Dead Mac Scrolls and one looked similar to The Programmer switch maybe being stuck. It sometimes also has out comes like this one.
  2. Nathanplus

    SE/30 with graphics issue

    oh so it does it without the ram ok so it has to be roms or a connection issue
  3. Nathanplus

    Mac SE - checkerboard and repeated chimes

    Oh crap sorry let me think... It hast to be a resistor or a cap some analog part that takes a while to heat up right along the video out pin. It could be an voltage rectifier. I know a conman issue is the connector to the motherboard and it could need a cleaning use some metal polish I'll look into the situation you are experiencing.
  4. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus Internal Hard Drive *Mod*

    wait why is RST on the wrong side of NRC 5380
  5. Nathanplus

    Mac SE - checkerboard and repeated chimes

    Have you ruled out if its a bad ram card because if one chip on one card fails the whole machine wont boot and having issues that are rare to find a solution for online. What you want to do is check each ram card by pulling them out and testing them 1 by 1 in a 512 configuration. If that dont work try testing the cable connecting the AB to the MB it could need to be cleaned. And if all fails it could be ROM's.
  6. Nathanplus

    This Does Not Compute SE/30

    Um sorry but I don't know If you have not covered this yet but, I have two suggestions. I have had many compaq macs end up having corrupted screens. If I were you I would look up ram configurations and manual test each ram card in the SE/30 and another mac that excepts the ram cards. To me that board looks fantastic and should not be to tough to get working. Another suggestion is checking the cable from the AB to MB board to check if the pins need to be metal polished. With any SE I've seen it has not been a problem but with Macintosh plus's its a common occurrence so I would just check incase that its that simple. I have not ever seen a macintosh SE need a big recap unless it was completely cooked due to over voltage but due to the air cooling fan and good parts even the worse one's I've seen could be fixed. If you acquire some big problem it like every one else says would be the ROM's but I rarely see that and again the Macintosh would probable looked like it had been cooked over an oven the board probably would have battery acid all over it and would be screwed. In summary I would check the obvious before going strait to hard stuff thats my advice it will save you alot of time and work. BTW: when I mean clean the pins I mean the pins directly on the two boards and the connector I know you have already checked the voltages but its always good to see if your getting the best connection
  7. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    I had the same vertical bars so I thought I messed my plus up but when I turned the cut off down it booted so I dont know what thats about probably I have a crap cable
  8. Nathanplus

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    Always start by re inserting the ram after cleaning each one with isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn't work try configuring the SE with 512k and check each ram stick by swaping them untill you get the machine working.
  9. Nathanplus

    Help screen shrinking mac plus

    So I have come across a problem with my macintosh plus and that over time the screen horizontally starts to shrink. I dont know what could cause this and im not home to do research. It might be the flyback but idk.
  10. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    Another problem that could cause this is that your 12 volt line is low and that to test this just unplug your floppy drive and see if it boots. If it does there are alot of forums about how to fix the problem online.
  11. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    I would turn down the voltage cut off and it should fix the problem which I think is a easy fix. Its good that its not your mother board I can assure you its not. I think the other AB just needs a recap and a little ajustment.
  12. So I purchased a macintosh plus to fix my other macintosh (Which finaly after 4 months I figured out that the 1000 uf capasitors tolerance made them off set and didnt work correctly and that the tsm chips on both of my MBs are dead) so this new mac has started to have issues with the screen and voltage settings. The screen started to move to the bottlem left of the crt and the voltage was tripping the power and I would have to constantly change the voltage pot. So I ended up replacing the 2200 and 1000 uf caps. It fixed the voltage but not the screen issues. Even trying the horrisontal setting and vertical it would not move the screen back to the center. Im pretty sure its the fly back or the 3uf cap in next to the horizontal setting. But I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. The boot sound also sometimes drifts away too. Its sometimes quiet then sometimes loud. I cant upload a pic at the moment becuse my service is bad right now.
  13. Nathanplus

    Macintosh plus screen centering issue

    Ok so thats fixed but I still am haveing another problem I should have mentioned. The brightness knob does not work what so ever and there is no cracks in the solider, the sound issues, and the focus ajustment barely works either.
  14. Nathanplus

    Macintosh plus screen centering issue

    Ok ill try it now
  15. Nathanplus

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    I would first replace the 1000uf and 2200uf caps then check to see if your connector needs cleaning. If non of that works I would check the MB to see if your tsm chip has fried I have 2 boards with dead chips. I would also check to see if your flyback is good and if any other caps are cracked ot leaky. I have.had many macs that died during working on them. The mac plus I think is by far the worst and not fun either because they are so random even in perfect condition.
  16. Nathanplus

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    Check the voltage pot i had that issue multiple times I would do a full recap after ajusting it to see if its your problem. You would want to turn it to the positive side a little it looks like your putting a little too much power into the MB
  17. Awesome I found that both cr21 and cr20 are shorted. Thanks I'll get back to both of you when I get it working
  18. So I'm starting a new topic to update my old one. Check out the whole story on my original issue. After finally getting a new fly back for my mac plus the fast ticking never changed. I checked the voltages on the caps and sure enough the flyback still is not getting enough power. So what I did was first heat up the caps to see if any of the 33 and 22uf caps are bad. They didn't change any thing other than speed up the ticking a little. I have never got it to stop ticking while using the heatgun. Then I thought it was my motherboard so I drowned it in vinegar carefully using an exact-o knife on corrosion and blew under neath every chip on the board to get crud out. This obviously it didn't do anything. Also during all that I cleaned the cable and tried the voltage pot, to see if the voltage was too much or too little. Nothing changed can someone point me in the right direction I'm still at a dead end.
  19. This sounds about right. But I don't know exactly, I checked all the other solutions and this is the best. I also just tested it and I am getting a resistance. Does that mean its good? I mean absolutely I'll do it any way because its just $5. I just want someone to confirm that CR5 is positively dead.
  20. Right, I'll try my best to get all caps. I really was not measuring resistance meter I was using this capasitence tester. I pulled out the cap and measured it.
  21. I did until I looked under the sticky pad. Well I re-flowed a lot of suspicious solider joints and nothing. So I still have no idea whats happening I also forgot to mention i did test the diodes and transistors by the flyback, they were all good. I also tested the optocoupler, it turned out good too.
  22. Wait the yolk plug solider is cracked I think that might be a problem let me check real quick
  23. Not C1, I used a cap tester and I got the correct capacity rating. I mean if I have to I will replace it, but it did read correctly so Idk.
  24. And replaced the two X2 4700pf and the X 0.1 uf