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    How to bless an original system suitcase.

    Your 400k disk probably lacks boot blocks. To write boot blocks to it, you need to copy the System file from a bootable disk onto that disk. I’m not sure if System 7.1 will do that for a 400k disk (it may .... I’m just not sure). However, you can almost certainly start your SE/30 with a System 6 boot floppy, copy a System file onto your 400k disk, then boot into your System 7.1 HD and copy all the files you want over. Your 400k disk should then boot fine (not on the SE/30, obviously....). Nice treatment from dog_cow here: https://macgui.com/news/article.php?t=463
  2. Crutch

    LC 475 installation woes

    Could you just use WishIWere to trick the installer?
  3. Crutch

    PowerBook 180c Capacitor Map

    Does that apply to all 68k PowerBook LCD screens, such as the 500 series?
  4. Crutch

    System 7.5.5 using 130megs???

    Without 32 bit addressing only 8MB is usable. The OS blacks out all the rest.
  5. Crutch

    System 7.5.5 using 130megs???

    You have 32-bit addressing turned off. Turn it on in the Memory control panel.
  6. Do people use 25-pin cables for serial?
  7. Crutch

    Does anyone know where to buy the Macintosh Security Kit?

    The metal loop pieces do show up on eBay from time to time.
  8. Just to be clear, what jessenator and I are saying is, (1) remove the pass-thru terminator at the end of your cable, (2) attach the cable with no pass-thru terminator to one of the SCSI ports on your HD-20SC, and (3) attach just the endpoint terminator to the other SCSI port on your HD-20SC. That way, you have just one terminator at the end of your SCSI chain. You are correct you need a terminator, but you shouldn’t have two. Is that what you tried?
  9. No, you shouldn’t need that on a Plus, anyway yours isn’t an HD20 but rather a 20-SC. It really sounds like a termination issue. Is that a passthru terminator on your scsi cable? I just noticed that. What happens if you remove it?
  10. Can you boot this Plus from a floppy? What happens if you turn on the Mac Plus with the HD off. Then insert a floppy. Then while it’s booting from the floppy, turn on the HD? Do you see the HD appear in the Finder?
  11. Top vs. bottom doesn’t matter. Plug the SCSI cable into one, and the terminator into the other. The SCSI ID shouldn’t matter but be advised the Mac Plus will always boot from the highest SCSI ID, if I recall correctly ... see for example https://macgui.com/usenet/?group=14&id=44109 . It ignores the “Startup Device” control panel so if you end up connecting multiple SCSI devices, adjust the ID accordingly to give your desired boot disk the highest SCSI ID. Otherwise it shouldn’t matter, but standard practice would otherwise be to set your HD to SCSI ID 0. Mac Plusses with early-rev ROMs have trouble booting when a powered-off SCSI device is connected, and may get stuck at a black screen on restart with a SCSI2SD drive connected (and, I think, maybe a regular external SCSI HD, also). Rev C ROMs won’t have this issue and are readily available. If you switch on your HD before you power up the Plus, though, it should work fine on a cold boot even with earlier-rev ROMs.
  12. Crutch

    SCSI2SD and spindown

    Yes thanks! I got it working following hte approach finkmac outlined above, with some help from codesrc who made the requisite “nodelay” bootloader available again for the purpose. Works perfectly now. I had never realized the PB 500s have no fan, all you hear is the HD noise, so they run completely silent with a SCSI2SD installed. Having never opened one up until recently, I always just assumed there was a tiny fan in there ....
  13. Crutch

    Farallon EtherMac SCSI Adapter

    Necrothread, but I found a floppy with the original drivers for this on eBay recently. To my knowledge these drivers were unobtainium so I bought it and uploaded to the Garden: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/farallon-ethermac-scsi-installerdrivers
  14. Crutch

    Running Disk Warrior 2.1 on compact Macs

    Easiest solution: DragAnyWindow. https://www.macintoshrepository.org/11391-draganywindow-2-0 Maybe even easier if you have ResEdit already on your HD: I have never used DiskWarrior so have no idea what the UI looks like, but it’s possible you can force a window reposition with ResEdit. Launch RedEdit, open up the DiskWarrior application, check the WIND and DLOG resources for one that looks like it might be the one you need moved, and reposition it (possibly setting the top and left edges to negative coordinates).
  15. Crutch

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    Where did you find the replacement LCD for the 550c?
  16. Crutch

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    If you just want black keycaps on your 550c, you can swap out the black keycaps from a 3400c onto the existing 500-series keyboard.
  17. Crutch

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    The 3400 keyboard will not work in the 500 series. I don’t know for certain about a 190 keyboard (I’ve never had one personally), but I very much doubt it — from photos I’ve seen, the ribbon cable looks like it connects in a different location.
  18. I’ve used the Excell batteries in several old Macs. As far as I can tell they work perfectly. Excell batteries are made by a company called Batteries In A Flash, which claims on their website and amazon store to make these batteries in the USA. https://www.exellbattery.com/
  19. I assume your external Scsi2sd is terminated right?
  20. Crutch

    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    Yes! And any PCB designs folks have put together, like this cool Mac Plus internal scsi mod.
  21. Crutch

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    I use the same extender, it's a great and easy solution. I threaded it through the security slot and use a velcro dot to stick the "stub" card reader thing to the rear of my SE/30 case. It is slightly annoying when you open the case, though ... that ribbon cable isn't super long.
  22. Crutch

    Color Classic Fan

    That’s right. Actually I soldered the stub wires and the snipped fan wires to a pair of 2 pin connectors in case I ever wanted to swap out the fan again. I don’t recall why I chose the FLX model, it was a while ago - maybe just because I figured I couldn’t use the PWM feature anyway? I’m not sure I remember noticing that RPM difference.
  23. Crutch

    Color Classic Fan

    You are correct. I have replaced these with a Noctua NF-A8 FLX in the past, clipping their third wire.
  24. Crutch

    SE/30 + AppleCD unimplemented trap

    What version of the AppleCD driver are you using? If not already, try using the one linked here: http://main.system7today.com/updates/75x_68k.html
  25. Crutch

    Very perplexing SE/30 MB ADB issue

    Legacy Macs update the cursor position and redraw the cursor during the vertical blanking (VBL) interrupt when the CRT beam does a vertical retrace back to the top every 1/60 second. This literally interrupts the 68k CPU, which is why you can almost always move the mouse pointer even if software gets stuck or crashes (the exception is cursor movement slows during floppy disk access, which disables interrupts). On the SE/30 IIRC the mobo learns about VBL interrupts when the video circuitry informs VIA2 which informs the 68030 (see Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware, look up vertical blanking interrupts in the index). I was surmising that if a trace got wonky near your VIA, you could lose cursor movement. It’s just a wild ass guess though, but I’m reaching because I agree that an ADB fault that only affects cursor movement but not clicking or key presses sounds unlikely. I’m more of a software guy so I’m guessing others will have better ideas where to look for your issue on the board though.