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  1. gpz500

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Sad about your little accident... anyway, the project is really astonishing and perfectly done!!!
  2. Hello @fsmith2003, as far as I know, you didn't really remove MacTCP, but it's only hidden. You should now have an application called Network Software Selector to choose between classic networking (aka MacTCP) and Open Transport. It should be on your system volume (root directory or, maybe, in the Apple Extras directory).
  3. gpz500

    Creating HFS Images in macOS?

    Hello guys, this is a port of Unix/Linux hfsutils package to macOS: https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/hfsutils It promises to work directly on floppies (not yet personally tested). For those who are unfamiliar with Homebrew, you have prior install it as stated here: https://brew.sh/