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  1. MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    This is getting exciting. Once you are selling these, I’ll definitely need to grab one.
  2. PCMCIA TV Tuner ?

    Keep in mind that most capture cards and such add significant lag, so they tend not to be suitable if you want to use them as a display for a game system.
  3. Fan replacement for a Mac SE/30

    Interesting, because I'm using that same fan full-speed, and I can barely hear that it's running at all with the case all closed up.
  4. Apple Multiple Scan 15AV

    The brightness is a knob, so I'd assume it wouldn't be digital?
  5. Apple Multiple Scan 15AV

    I was looking away when it happened, but my friend who was here says it happened in a split second.
  6. Apple Multiple Scan 15AV

    I have an Apple Multiple Scan 15AV that was working perfectly until the other day. It started off just fine, but about 30 seconds after powering up, it suddenly became very dark, and this has persisted since. The brightness knob also no longer seems to have any effect at all. I'm guessing this may be the caps, but can someone confirm that? And does anyone have a list of caps for the monitor or know someone selling cap kits?
  7. Help Testing SE/30 ROM?

    I've now received my ROM SIMM with this image on it, and can confirm for myself that it works as expected.
  8. I was aware of that, but I really wanted much a much narrower set of modifications that what the BMOW ROM offered. For instance, I wanted all the original graphics and sounds to remain in place.
  9. Here is a ROM for the IIx/IIcx/SE30 with the same tweaks: I haven't tested it myself yet, but Bolle said it works. I have a ROM SIMM being delivered tomorrow with it, so hopefully I did it right.
  10. Help Testing SE/30 ROM?

    Thanks a lot.
  11. Help Testing SE/30 ROM?

    Can someone help verify that this ROM works in an SE/30? If I made the changes correctly, it should have the checksum test removed and also skip the RAM test while booting. I figured I could just test it in an emulator before buying a ROM SIMM that had this on it, but no emulators seem to exist for the SE/30, IIx, or IIcx. I really want to avoid having to buy the ROM programmer if I can avoid it. MacIIx-Mod.ROM
  12. I wonder if it could be the same issue being experienced in this post: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10387#p106247
  13. 32-bit Clean ROM vs MODE32

    Yea, that seems to be common with a lot of the modified ROMs.
  14. SCSI2SD Shutdown Issues with SE/30

    If you still have the stock ROM, it might be worth seeing if that corrects the issue.
  15. Color StyleWriter 2400

    Thanks a lot. Any ideas how to get into it? I don’t see a screw on the entire thing.