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  1. mac512

    Apple IIc label

    I guess I need to improve my reading skills... You were asking about the serial numbers... I'm afraid that case and motherboard numbers don't match. Box and case do match, as olePigeon already said.
  2. mac512

    Apple IIc label

    This is what you're looking for? If so, I can send you better quality pictures...
  3. mac512

    Apple IIc label

    I've an Irish IIc with a 220V PSU. I will try to get a couple of good pictures tonight.
  4. mac512

    New Portable = new project

    I see. Sounds reasonable. Will get tantalum caps then. Thanks again.
  5. mac512

    New Portable = new project

    Thanks AwkwardPotato! Will do some research on ABS plumbing cement. As for the caps, can you elaborate a little more about the differences between ceramics and tatalums? So far, the only thing I've heard is that ceramic caps are non-polarized... Thanks again.
  6. mac512

    New Portable = new project

    Hi there! Got a "new" Portable last Wednesday but just had time for it today. It is in really great shape but, as assumed, there are a couple of quirks to it. When I bought it, I assumed it was in non working condition due to a dead battery and leaked caps. So, I got a new 6V 4.5Ah SLA battery and tried to start it. As expected, it didn't work. I opened it and took the logic-board out. Lots of cap crap. Worse, I think there are a few traces that were corroded... an example here: That picture was taken after I removed the caps (I didn't want them to cause any more damage). So, now I got myself a new project. Replace all those caps. For that, I will need your advice on which caps to use. I'd rather not use the same electrolytic caps but the tantalum or ceramic ones as they won't leak... In addition to that, the bottom part of the case is broken. I think it got smashed in one of the corners and caused a big crack that goes from the corner down to almos the middle of the case: I would really appreciate any suggestion on how to repair it, like what kind or brand of glues to use (or not to use). Thanks a lot and sorry for the big pics...
  7. mac512

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    So, how are things going on with this project? I'd love to try it in my LC III...
  8. mac512

    Floppy Emu on my IIe - making disk backup

    Actually, this adapter is far better: http://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-IIe-IIgs-II-DRIVE-ADAPTER-IDE-20-FEMALE-DISK-to-DB-19-FEMALE-13-/222380003620?hash=item33c6e19124:g:XZsAAOSw-0xYfQzX
  9. mac512

    Floppy Emu on my IIe - making disk backup

    Hi smalltownguy2, I think your best chance would be to get a second floppy drive controller to which you can connect your FloppyEmu: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Apple-II-Disk-II-drive-controller-card-/322421670093?hash=item4b11d440cd:g:se8AAOSwB-1YogHg You can use that card to replace your current one and get this connector from reactive_computers to connect your Unidisk: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Apple-II-Disk-II-Controller-to-5-25-Drive-A9M0107-Cable-/291592331387?hash=item43e441e07b:g:i6gAAOSwwbdWIn7i Hope this help. Enjoy your IIe!
  10. mac512

    Price tag for a Transwarp GS

    Check the settings of the card (Ctrl+Opt+Esc). You can enable/disable the screen splash as well as the sound. FWIW, I won't sell my Rom 3 + CFFA3000 + 3MB GS RAM Plus + 12MHz Transwarp GS for $1,000. For me, it's worth much more than that.
  11. mac512

    Spectre GCR

    I'd run my favourite B&W mac game... Risk!
  12. mac512

    Floppy Emu in LC III

    Maybe this is no news for you guys, but for me it was. Today I connected my Floppy Emu to the internal floppy port in my LC III and it worked perfectly. It mounted 400Kb, 800Kb and 1440Kb images without problems. However, it didn't recognized the HD20 emulation... but I guess it is because there may be no support for it in the LC III's ROM. Anyways, it was a great way to load software to my LC III's hard disk.
  13. It boots System 6.0.1. I even tried a fresh install of the OS, but no difference. I'm starting to think that maybe my IIgs has some hardware issue... Any of you with a similar setup can mount more than 2 images?
  14. Hi guys, this one is for the people that has a CFFA3000 running in a IIgs ROM 01. I just can't mount more than 2 32MB images at once. I recall mounting more than 4 images at once but I think that it was with a ROM 03 motherboard that died and replaced by a ROM 01. Any ideas to what might be the problem? Thanks.
  15. Hello guys, I found a very nice IIgs with monitor and drives. I works great, but I can't connect it to the RGB screen as I don't have the proper cable. Does anyone have a spare that be willing to sell? Thanks.