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  1. juan123

    iBook G4 dead?

    So I been using my ibook g4 1ghz since 2004... All of a sudden when I try to boot it up, it powers on, starts loading the OS and then it freezes... I have tried removing the 1gb ram module I installed and removed the wifi card too... I have also tried booting from the restore CD that came with the computer but it still freezes... I'm guessing a bad motherboard? Please help!
  2. juan123

    Mac Classic II

    I just got ahold of this baby. I noticed one problem though. When I start it up after several days of not using it, it turns on, no startup sound and some bars appear on the screen. If I leave it like this for a few minutes then power it off and back on, it starts up fine. Any ideas mates? Thanks!
  3. juan123

    iBook G4 battery problems...

    I checked...it's not a recall battery....therefore, that can't be it... any other ideas anyone?
  4. Hey everyone! Lately I've been having some issues with my iBook's battery. When I open an application that tells me its health and its current status, it says it has 86% health (3803mAh vs 4400mAh when new) and has 250 battery-loadcycles. Well my issue is as follows . One day I used the battery until my iBook just randomly shut off completely, no sleep mode, nothing like that. Therefore , I plugged in the laptop, and it started charging with the orange light on the power connector. Later on, I came back and the light was green. When I turned on my laptop I found that instead of having charged up to 100% , it charged to 47% (1800mAh) with the green light on, also at the battery meter on the menubar got stuck showing : (calculating) but it stays like that... Therefore , later on, I tried discharging and charging again only to get similar results ; except that this time up to 45%. What's going on? I'm guessing the health of my battery is more like 50% rather than the 86%...? Any solutions? Thanks in advance!
  5. juan123

    Power Mac 6500 CPU fan

    haha mine is funny... it works...then starts "moaning" for a few minutes and then its fine. haha kinda funny tho...
  6. juan123

    Performa and iTunes

    hahaha trag.....that made me laugh.....sooo true.
  7. juan123

    640x480 sucks!

    I'd say its bad with anything that has OS 8 and newer. Windows and icons just seem huge next to OS 7 and System 6.
  8. I'm wondering, why is it that when I play an MP3 on my Performa 6200CD in iTunes, that it only plays the mp3 and then isn't responsive at all? In some cases if I click pause I have to wait like 30 seconds for it to do the action. How can I fix this? Running : OS 8.6, iTunes 1.1 hacked for 8.6. machine specs in my signature. Thanks!
  9. juan123

    iBook G4 screen problems

    ugh damn...any idea where I can get one? ebay? Thanks!
  10. Hey there! I'm having a few problems with my iBook G4's screen. 1. Sometimes when brightness is all the way up or almost all the way down, the screen flickers but stays that way for like 10 mins. I'm guessing a worn out lamp? 2. When I move the screen like opening or closing it in order to adjust it to my eye level, the lighting shuts off and won't come back on unless I restart or sleep the computer then wake it up. This is just so odd! Well thanks, hope someone can help me.
  11. juan123

    iBook G4...speedup?

    I have a friend who knows how to overclock with soldering, all I was saying was that I prefer to use software but if its not possible, I guess soldering is the best/only way.
  12. juan123

    iBook G4...speedup?

    well I love the game doom 3, i get anywhere from 1-20fps....60 when i stare at a wall in the game. The problem begins when a monster shows up....from a nice 30fps it drops to 5 and it lags so bad. I know its a graphics card problem because this game requires 64mb and my iBook only has 32, but I know that a few extra mhz to the CPU will make it at least 3-10fps faster. Thanks!
  13. juan123

    iBook G4...speedup?

    I have an iBook G4 1.07ghz/80gb HD 5400rpm/ 768mb RAM/ Tiger. I'm wondering is there any easy way to overclock it to say 1.2-1.5ghz? I have a utility to keep the fan running at all times. If it can be overclocked, I'd prefer it to be with software. Thanks!
  14. juan123

    PB 170

    yeah....i do have speed and ram doubler installed......they help a bunch
  15. juan123

    PB 170

    Specs: 80mb HD, 8mb RAM, OS 7.6.1 . I'm wondering, what uses can this laptop be used for? What do you guys use your laptops that are this old for?