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  1. RandomDamage

    BPI Accounting for Lisa

    I had a copy of BPI Accounting. It came with a Lisa computer my parents picked up second hand about 25 years ago. I remember playing around with it (it was a separate environment outside of the Office System). I ended up selling it with that Lisa back in about 1999.
  2. RandomDamage

    Apple lisa repair.

    I replaced the foam in a Lisa keyboard not too long ago. I did all of the keys and it was quite time consuming, but in the end they all worked fine and it was worth it. I used some 1/8" thick foam mounting squares from a craft shop and trimmed them to fit. Ideally, if you could find something that was precut to the approximate size of the disks, that would help quite a bit. The old foam just disintegrated while I worked with it. I used an Exacto knife to scrape as much of the old foam off of the mylar and plastic disks. It isn't necessary to get them absolutely clean. Good luck! (Though it sounds like your power supply is a more pressing issue.)
  3. RandomDamage

    Apple lisa repair.

    If you think U1 (24V regulator) is bad, I could probably send you a replacement part. I bought a couple when I had to replace that part on my video board and have extras.
  4. RandomDamage

    Anyone have a copy of Hacker II??

    Yea, I've tried Copy II Mac. It seemed to indicate problems reading every sector on this disk. I've also tried FEDIT, but it can't even mount the volume. I'm beginning to think the previous owner may have "accidently" formatted the game disk. It wasn't locked.
  5. RandomDamage

    Anyone have a copy of Hacker II??

    So, I found a guy who had some old Mac software he wanted to get rid of. Most of it was from the mid-90's, but he had a few older titles including Sim City and Hacker II in original boxes. The Sim City disk appears to work just fine, but the copy of Hacker II seems no good. I just get the dialog box prompting me to format the disk when it is inserted. Question: Does anyone know where I might find an image of this game that I could download? Thanks!
  6. RandomDamage

    Mac Rescue 128K Upgrade Board

    This upgrade appears to be professionally installed. There is a DIP socket soldered directly onto the 68000 pins on the logic board. The upgrade then plugs directly into the socket. I posted a web gallery at: http://gallery.mac.com/baakre#100008&bgcolor=black -RD
  7. RandomDamage

    Mac Rescue 128K Upgrade Board

    Hi, I just picked up a Mac 128K with a Mac Rescue upgrade installed. From what I understand, this upgrade adds a SCSI port, allows up to 4MB of RAM, AND supposedly provides up to a 2MB RAM disk. The original 64K ROMs have been swapped out for 128K ROMs, and the internal floppy has been upgraded to the 800K version. I wasn't able to boot from the internal floppy (probably dirty or dead, at least it ejects) but was able to boot up of an external 800K floppy drive. The SCSI port has been installed in the battery cover area. My version has 1MB installed, but it appears to take standard 30pin SIMMs. There are a total of six slots, with four currently occupied by 256KB SIMMs. I'm guessing the two empty slots are for the RAM disk? Has anyone ever used one of these upgrades? Are these at all rare? -RD
  8. RandomDamage

    profile hard disk format

    I have used these files and confirm that they do indeed work. I used a 2732A EPROM. The tricky part is that you need to find a Z8613RS Z8. Not terribly common these days. One of my Profiles actually had one installed, so that is how I got mine. The floppy disk images are in ProDos order. I used a IIGS to convert them to real 5.25" floppies. I'm thinking of putting together a write-up that I can post on this site.