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So close...


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What a bummer. :( That always happens to me too, in practically every auction I lose - there's always just ONE miserable bugger who wants it more than me!! > :(



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Haha. I’ve had a quiet week at work so I’ve managed to fritter away $200 on absolute crap, so count your blessings as well mate. ;D It can be frustrating though…e.g. There’s this one rare author I’m fanatical about; whenever I see any of his books I buy them… They all start at 99c because no-one wants them but I’m usually prepared to pay forty or fifty dollars. But the one other guy in the world who cares about this author is always prepared to pay fifty-one dollars!! Grr! Ah well, better I don’t waste any more money, I think. ;D



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Well thats better than frittering away your money on grog and keeping your caffiene addiction going :p I have an excuse though, "I Need It For My Studies! It Helps Me Concentrate!" ;)



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Need it for your studies? What, the grog?? ;)

I don't recall ever turning up to any exams drunk but I was tanked at the interviews for my first three jobs. :D



A study at my university back in '93 found that 60% of Coastal Environment Management students were turning up to a 9:00am lecture stoned.

What can you expect from a uni halfway between Nimbin and Byron Bay?