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QuickTake 200 kinda powers up but white screen on LCD


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I have been playing with a QT200 I acquired some time ago and when it powers up it seems to show a WHITE LCD 99% of the time (I think I've seen the odd No Card on black screen once or twice). When I press the Action Button the LCD turns off and the red light on the lens comes on (not seen that documented anywhere?) Any ideas?

NB: Not yet tried connecting it to a Mac for troubleshooting down serial (not sure if there's any utils that 'read' these cameras like they do nowadays)
I have tried adjusting brightness, no go. The batteries worked fine on another QT200 I have, so power doesn't seem to be an issue. Have tried with known working 2MB and 4MB Smartmedia cards (5V) too, and once came with this camera has images, so it once worked...


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It seems like bad capacitors could cause this sort of problem (similar symptoms have been known to occur on various contemporary PowerBooks and other machines, and more often than not, replacing old, leaky electrolytic capacitors seems to mostly eliminate these symptoms, so it stands to reason that that may be true of the QT200 as well).

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