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Power PC Card for Quadra - Need the bracket dimensions

Hi All,
I've just received a Apple Power PC upgrade card for Quadra (Part number 820-0547-A)
Unfortunately it doesn't have the bracket that would connect to the back of the case. If anyone has details on that bracket, and is able to share details on it, that would be much appreciated.

(I'll probably 3D print something to replace it. I may even just extend to the bottom of the case, rather than all the way to the back)

This weekend I'll give the card a try. See if we get life :-D




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Not exactly sure what you’re looking for but I have never seen any kind of bracket on a Quadra PDS PowerPC card. It just pops into the PDS slot and sits there freely.


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hm, me too never heard or read about bracket ... the above link doesn't open for me. I had it in Q700 and Q950 in vertical position, never had problems with it. Anyway you need to shut down to turn the card ON/OFF, simple restart does not work.


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Hey @NeshireChoir, nice to see you posting :)

I'm not seeing a bracket in that image personally. In the 9x0, anyway, pretty sure there ought to be a plastic gubbins on the cover of the case to hold cards in place while the lid is on.


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There is no bracket that I know of for these but @cheesestraws is spot on that the Quadra 900/950's side panel has a large plastic cut out to hold each expansion card in place when the lid is on.


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Here’s a better picture I found and here’s the link to the manual page 51 is what you’re looking for.


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