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My first SCSI SSD . . . maybe . . .


. . . I think it's a conquest, but I'm not entirely sure yet . . . but the price seemed OK for 8GB of SCSI SSD . . .

Dell 8 GB,Internal (D154H) (SSD) Solid State Drive

The question is what form factor is this thing, it looks like an AirPort type card or a SCSI version of MiniPCI . . . does anybody know what the form factor might be?

I bought it on a lark for the 280c or 270c . . .

. . . or maybe the 2300cTB I'm building if it's small enough to fit into the HDD Bay sitting on top of 10 AA Batteries . . . }:)



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I'm pretty sure that is mini-PCIe, too. If it doesn't work out, I may have to call in that karma I've been banking. :)




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That's not SCSI. That's PCI Express 1-lane. Send it back as it will only work with a PCI Express. It is probably based on the USB 2.0 specs or has a SATA/ATA controller on it.

That will not work with a powerbook as there is no physical SCSI interface on it and it was made mostly for laptops. My thinkpad has a slot like that in the laptop just for one of those (Granted, it's mainly for an Intel 8, 16 or 32GB SSD)



Why does the spec say SCSI if it's actually Mini-PCIe?

I can probably use this in the Mini-PCIe slot of my Intel, Dual Core ATOM NetTop Board. Right now I've got the ACARD PCI IDE Card from my DOA DA in its single slot, but I haven't even started loading ubuntu yet.

I'm still mired in a SATA-Free State for the moment. :-/



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Yeah, that SCSI statement is pure crack. The seller screwed up. I suppose you might be able to weasel out of the deal because of that...

If you want to get way-over-the-top technically most drives today, be they SATA, USB, whatever, from a software standpoint use a modified subset of the SCSI command set and thus present themselves to the OS essentially as if they were SCSI drives but that doesn't help you much when it comes to stuffing a mini-PCIe SSD into a Duo.



Well, that settles that.

Is the price too high for 8GB of Mini-PCI Express SSD?

Do youu folks think it will work in my INTEL D525MW NetTop Board's Mini-PCIE Slot as a boot drive under ubuntu?

__If so, I can use it for that until I can get a SATA Drive for the lil' critter.

Right now the NetTop Board is going into a full size case temporarily, along with the 500W ATX PSU that might wind up in my DOA DA.

The NetTop Board is headed into a hack with a much smaller PSU eventually, but for now, I just want to use it tethered to my 'DROID with a USB Cable for a few days while HP_Maxi, my 3G Pavilion dm1, goes back once again to have the original problem addressed.

I'm spoiled, the AMD/Vision Proc in the Pavilion runs rings around HP_Mini's 1GHZ single Core ATOM. :-/

edit: Will I be able to use this SSD in a Mini-PCIE -> PCI Adapter Card for one of my 6400/6500 based hacks as a boot drive?



I did a little research on: STEC and didn't find any mention of SCSI in the Product Search at the bottom of the page for anything but 2.5" & 3.5" form factors.

Any feedback on the price level and suitability for the above mentioned M-PCIe applications, especially in a PCI Slot Adapter Card, would be much appreciated. :approve: