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I recently got my hands on a PPC 7200/90

also a 15" monitor

10 mice (square and rounded)

3 extended keyboards

2 external scsi hard drive enclosures

5 of the small keyboards (not sure what they are exactly called)

12 scsi hard drives (of various capacities)

a box load of various bits and pieces (i have not even begun to go through it all)

a box of various cables

and to top it all off a box of software

and to think people would throw this stuff away,took me about 10 trips to get it all into the house lmao,but it was well worth it :)



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'grats on the catch. I used to own a 7200/120 and it was a pretty nice machine. although the bus was a *tad* bit limited, and mine was REALLY picky about RAM, all-in-all, made a decent machine. Be sure to visit OS9Forever's site and pick up the utility to put 9.2-9.2.2 on it. makes it faster, as well as more stable :)