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Loband: web fat trimmer for limited clients.


Oh, I thought you were referring to me for some reason. You'd be surprised at the variations on "Bunsen" that show up :)



Heheh no worries. For a second there I thought you knew me from my time in Melbourne a decade ago.

Do they still have those Mac trader fairs at the uni (can't remember which one) that they used to have years back? I think it was iMug who held them. They were cool... I remember buying an armload of LocalTalk boxes for a fiver and having to pass on a sweet 5400 because I rocked up there with my motorbike.

Cheers, Ben.



The AUSOM fairs at Swinburne or Whitehorse TAFE in the eastern suburbs? Yeah I remember them well. I made out like a bandit at one of those, coming home with a stack of free 3-slot and no-slot Mac II-series that were going to be dumpstered at the end, as well as a SCSI-Ethernet device and a LabVIEW SCSI I/O thingumajigger.

Now I have this picture of a 5400 strapped on to the pillion passenger seat of your bike :)



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This seems pretty useful for passive viewing, but maybe not participation if there log in problems. Looks pretty cool though.



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I'm sending this in with telnet 2.6 -- which is really an amazing program.
I know this is off topic and older than dirt, but is there a howto I cant seem to find on using telnet to browse the web?



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Is that actually using loband or using telnet to log into a different machine then using lynx or some similar command-line browser on the host machine?