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HD Access LED Size for NEWER Quantum ProDrive LPS?

Scott Baret

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I have a ton of old ProDrives which I am using in my various Macs. (Yes, I'm a purist and will use these hard drives as long as I am able to maintain them). I keep them in working condition, but have one minor issue with the LEDs...

The plug for the access LED is a smaller size on the newer ProDrive LPS. These bear a copyright date of 1993 for the EPROM but otherwise look and sound like the 1990 LPS model (commonly found in the LC). They are NOT the old bulky ProDrives from the 1980s with the big red connectors--these are the white ones.

Since I can't go to Radio Shack to size these anymore, does anyone know offhand the size of these LEDs so I can order one? I put a newer drive in a Iici and the old LED no longer fits--it's too big (yet it will work on any of my other ProDrive LPS models from the early 90s).



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Do you mean the LED visible on the outside of the case (cable running to the HD), or the LED on the HD itself?

If the former, I recently put a 4GB SCSI drive in an Apple HD20SC case; I made up a little adapter using a pin block and plug from an old PC AT case; the old LED wire plugs straight into this.



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You have 3 main sizes. 3MM, 5MM, and 10MM. 

I think there was even 2MM LEDs, but eh. I know on the metal HDD plate that goes on the SE and SE/30, its 5MM. 

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