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FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer Manual


One of the projects I have been working on is getting my vintage hardware up and running. Early documentation (before PDFs) is getting much more difficult to find on-line. I am taking the time to archive some of the documentation I have with my hardware in a high-quality format so that a reference is available for future users. The FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer manual with high-quality text and graphics is attached it to this thread.

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If it's not already there, you should put a copy of that PDF up on the Macintosh Garden with the Jackhammer drivers.

Although I do like the idea of having here a repository of manuals and drivers, although it may contravene the Rules.



Yeah, I wasn't awake when I had that knee-jerk reaction. Didn't think of going gardening until a few minutes after posting.

The more repositories the better, I'd though the Radius tech Q&As had gone missing for a while and was much relieved when I found them. Many of the .jp sites with the craziest CC hacks etc. have disappeared in the last few years. The though of picture hosting sites imploding has me concerned. Much there is or will be in jeopardy. Ephemerality is the way of the Web.. :-/