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Finally acquired my first Newton... no serial adaptor


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...among a haul that also included 4 Palms and an Apple iie system (which I've also been after for a while). All units desperately need cleaned, which I can do at my work (we clean and repair electronic point of sale hardware).

It's an MP2000 with the MP2100 upgrade sticker, a pcmcia modem, and a pcmcia 12mb flash card. It included the rechargeable battery (dead), AA tray, and keyboard. Unfortunately though, we couldn't track down the proprietary JAE->8pin serial adaptor.

IF somebody had a spare, I'd be interested in buying one or trading for something else.

I plan to use this device for logging setlists at live jam shows. Feels appropriate for the task.20230715_135626.jpg20230715_135642.jpg20230715_135827.jpg


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There are a few options to do away with the 2000/2100 dongle, notably a USB daughterboard:

DIY internal serial connector:

There was also someone who made a serial daughterboard pre made, but I can't find it today.



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Just the pic I'd say - the backlighting diminishes over time in heavily used Newtons (or buzzed more); there were some aftermarket EL light upgrades developed for it over the years.