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Challenger's conquests


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Nice one! The 210 is a cool little machine. It seems to be in good shape as well. I've never owned a PowerBook model of that era largely do to my concern regarding upkeep and maintenance of some of the more obscure parts, but it's nice to see someone else getting enjoyment out of them! Will be interested to see some of your future acquisitions!



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I wouldn't get it off. If you have a basic knowledge of French, (or Google,) you can still use it.



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I'm usually boring and name mine Macintosh HD unless I have multiple OSs installed. In that case, I name the volume after the OS installed.

I always think it adds a fun dimension to a used computer, though.

I also miss the customized fold icons in older versions of Mac OS. A co-worker has given me several computers that belonged to her husband-a retired Pchem professor(who now has alzheimers) and he used some GREAT icons.



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Well the crazy thing about it to have this small Duo coming from France, and not the other way round....



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I think it's actually French Canadian - note the Canadian flag keyboard layout icon near the clock.


Challenger 1983

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So after many years of radio silence on this forum I decided to come back, I lost about 95 percent of my collection in 2017 to a collapsed shelf, and of all the images I lost the one that saddened me the most was my powerbook duo. 

So with many fond memories of the duo I decided I would set out to own one, @beachycove provided a plentiful Duo harvest, as well as a few other goodies including a printer which is great for printing out school assignments on. I will post better pictures of my setup and haulC63B694F-D5A8-4C19-8356-880B1BC79CE9.jpegB0A4DB66-FCDB-42D3-9840-C91BB076C552.jpegC7964421-D5CC-4170-BD40-D2389027A574.jpeg95257F76-B4E2-4599-B0E8-42E1C904C4D3.jpeg

The two duo’s are a 270c and a 2300c, the 2300c has a 56 mb RAM module in it as well as a CF card I fitted, making file transfer between my MacBook Pro a breeze

overall I am very happy with my Duo’s and will be posting some more images/adventures with these machinesB720B993-A68E-4AA9-9778-3E510CDD4FE8.jpeg


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It's great to see that those machines have found a good home.

Only a dozen or so more machines left to go.... Psst: Anyone want an AWS 9150?



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nly a dozen or so more machines left to go.... Psst: Anyone want an AWS 9150?
 It would involve driving to Ontario, wouldn't it? ;-)

It would be rude of me to not comment on your Duo-rama, those are some beautiful setups!  Glad you found them!   :)

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Challenger 1983

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So I managed to get both Duos recappedafter ordering all the parts from Digikey

For anyone who is recapping a 2300c, The smaller capacitors are 33uf 35v 

And here is the patient after surgery   :D