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2012-05-11 Rules Update and wiki issues

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Hey everyone,

Due to technical difficulties temporarily beyond our control, the Forum Rules page is currently showing a broken layout, and is also locked from editing. Some text which was, or should have been, posted there is currently missing. This text is highlighted in the quote below. Please regard this announcement as an official amendment to the site rules, until such time as the Forum Rules page can be updated.

Politics, Religion, Etc.
This is a new one for us. One of the most common kinds of threads that are difficult to moderate and frequently get moderated improperly are threads that deal with politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects. As such, it is site policy that all such discussions be left outside. While we respect your beliefs and views and your right to hold them, this is a computer forum. We reserve the right to lock or remove any such posts without notice.
As part of the same technical difficulties, layout of the 68kMLA Wiki is also currently broken, and editing is also locked. We anticipate resolving this issue by the middle of this year, and thank you for your patience.

Not open for further replies.