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13w3 to DA15 Cable - Pinouts or (Possibly) Borrow One for Testing?


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I've recently picked up a Portrait Display with no cable, so I have no way to test it. Does anyone know the pinout for the 13w3 connector (found a thread where someone on here had built one, but didn't provide the pinout)? Alternatively, is there anyone on here in the North Texas area that has one I could borrow to test my display with (or bring my display by to test)?


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The Apple Macintosh Portrait Display Monitor manual has the pin outs at the back:

I believe you can find the standard Mac Video DA15 pinouts quite easily in many places, including:

Do watch out for those Sun 13w3 cables that are sometimes listed for sale and say they are compatible (eg for a 13w3 High Res/Portait(?) Display Card to the Portrait Display) they don’t always work, so best get a used one someone has gotten to work if you aren’t going to make your own cable…
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Oddly, I wound up stumbling across this (from the IIsi hardware developer's guide). I'm going to pick up a set of male 13w3 and DA15 connectors from Mouser will-call tomorrow afternoon and give this a test...

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.34.15 PM.png


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I have a cable to attach a full page display to a full page display video card its d25 on both ends.
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