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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    I checked my Gatorboxes and I have no new corrosion. I also found the photos of the original issue I had. While I had thought this was due to something being spilled on the board, now I wonder if this something that leaked out of the oscillator package. The PCB itself is conformally coated.
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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    Tonight I will check my 2nd CS unit and see if it has any corrosion in that area and report back. I also have a GatorStar GXR it runs faster and uses a different oscillator, I will try to check that also.
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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    One of my Gatorboxes worked fine when I got it, then one day while I was using it just quit. Looking at the board I could not see anything obviously wrong. Lucky I had a 2nd working unit. After many-hours of comparison, I found the voltage on the bypass cap next to the 40Mhz oscillator was...
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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    Note that while flash memory is very common today, in 1989 this was one of the very 1st devices to use a large amount of flash memory like this ( it holds the OS image that in the eariler version was loaded into RAM from a server ), these chips were very expensive at the time. The RAM is...
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    question regarding scsi scanners for earlier systems

    Years ago I purchased a NOS Apple OneScanner to use with my Lisa running MacWorks Plus. It's hard to find a scanner works with 68000 B&W systems ( the OneScanner does, this is what makes it so special ) , most require ColorQuickDraw that requires a 68020 or better. I set it up, did a few scans...
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    Why Lisa didn't use 8MHz 68000?

    I seems to me that when folks learn that the Lisa was clocked at 5Mhz vs. the Macintosh at 8Mhz it gives the impression that the experience of using a Lisa is almost 40% slower than using a Macintosh. This is not helped by reports that using the Lisa Office apps are dog slow. My experience in...
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    Why Lisa didn't use 8MHz 68000?

    Yes, if the HD is a Lisa parallel port HD such as a Profile, Widget or an emulator. Booting MW+ from SCSI hard disk requires the additional QuickBoot Rom.
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    Lisa OS Open-source?

    While this made for a great press release for the CHM back in 2018, it never happened...:( The referenced LisaList mailing list is pretty much dead as well.. this is why I started LisaList2.com
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    Bootable 50pin SCSI CDRW Drive

    When searching for a PlexWriter, note that the "S" ( PX-W124TS ) in the model number is important, I think "S" denotes SCSI.
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    Bootable 50pin SCSI CDRW Drive

    On the face of the drive it is labeled: "PleXWriter 12/4/32" SCSI probe shows it as a "PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W124TS Ver. 1.04" 12X CD-R 4X CD-RW 32X CD-ROM I definitely boots, I tried it tonight on the UMAX S900 and booted the recovery CD. Rick
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    Bootable 50pin SCSI CDRW Drive

    I had a Plexor 12X SCSI CDRW drive in my PowerMacintosh 7200 and it was bootable. I still have this drive, now in a UMAX S900 clone and bootable there also.
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    I am in for a board if you wish to factor this into your count! Rick
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    AUI extension cord / angled adapter?

    AUI cables were common at one point. Early Ethernet ( 10BASE5 A.K.A. "thicknet" ) used a large transceiver that was many times installed in the ceiling and a AUI cable was used to bring the connection down to the computer. Here is an example...
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    Lisa/NeoWidEx floppy image

    Not to sidetrack this thread, but for FloppyEmu using DiskCopy 4.2 images: this is quote the the FEMU manual: "Disk Copy 4.2 images contain an embedded checksum value, used to help detect if the file is corrupted. When using FloppyEmu to write to an emulated disk using a DC42 disk image file...
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    Lisa/NeoWidEx floppy image

    I have found that sometimes "good" images for the FloppyEmu are "bad" for creating real disks. Maybe the FloppyEmu is not using/updating the checksums or tag bytes correctly, I don't really know. To make a physical disk you may want to try using BLU to write a disk using the image you have. Rick
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    IIGS Setups

    My understanding is that the next batch of clone TWGS's will ship by the end of the year. At $450 USD each, not sure if you concider that "reasonable" or not.
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    Sun20 Hard Drive

    There is an extra grove on the connector to indicate pin 1. Rick
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    Turbo SE accelerator

    I have a Mac SE with a Mac Memory Turbo SE accelerator.  This board has a 16Mhz 68000, a 68881 math coprocessor, and 4 Meg RAM.  It works very well, but I do not have any drivers or documentation for it.  Does anyone out there have more information (or the software) for this board? Thanks, Rick
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    Apple Lisa 2/5 Ram + Keyboard problems

    From the Imagewriter II manual:
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    Calling Lisa gurus: Floppy Emu disk emulation

    So I have done testing to confirm what I had observed last year. Using my Floppy Emu, SN#67, App FW 1.0 L, CLPD FW 11 Last night I was able to boot Mac System 6.0.8 from a 800K Raw disk image on a Lisa2/5 running the MacWorks+II environment.  Works fine, but the floppy emulation is very-very...