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    Now FREE! Commercial and Shareware that have been made free

    Here's my list of Commercial and Shareware that have been made freeware by their authors.
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    Mac 68K Speedup tips here

    Post your Mac 68K Speedup tips here: 1) Load up on RAM. Max out. For some machines, mainly those using 30-pin simms finding 16MB 30-pin simms can be a challenge. 2) Get a cache card for your IIci. Note to those with IIsi's: Don't ever ever insert this cache card or any card for the IIci's...
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    Nubus PPC Mac Speed Tips

    Post speedtips for Nubus PPC Macs that you've discovered or tried out in this thread. Here are some of mine: 1) Make sure you've installed all of the recommended patches. Most important are GameSprockets, and OpenGL. These updates patch some 68K code with PPC code. 2) Run Jerry Kindall's...