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  1. Carboy7

    "traumatizing" wakeup call with my IIsi

    Hey all, i'm back again! I finally decided to take a look at my SE/30 and clean up some of the corrosion to prepare it for a recapping. That went about as well as I expected, with a chip lifting half off the board because the caps had eaten the legs. Oh well, it's fixable. Then I decided to...
  2. Carboy7

    My PowerBook 145B had an accident

    I just pulled out my PowerBook 145B and tested the "known-working" battery. It stayed on for about two seconds. But then something extremely horrifying happened. The screen went to a weird flickering black, and a LOUD grinding noise started happening! That lasted until I plugged in the AC...
  3. Carboy7

    Does anyone know about the weird SE fan?

    I was watching a video on a Mac SE, and the guy was talking about this weird "fan" (that looked a lot like a cylinder). Apparently, it was loud and obnoxious, so Apple quietly got rid of it and used a conventional fan. Can anyone back up this fact? (I just want to know about it. It looked cool!)
  4. Carboy7

    iMac G3 screen problem.

    I got the Flower Power working... for about 30 seconds. First, it was the HDD. Now, it's the CRT! I try to boot the iMac, but the screen won't display anything. The CRT does all the things it would normally do as the machine boots, but there is nothing onscreen. Funny thing is, this started...
  5. Carboy7

    Fixing cut cord on Apple USB Mouse

    So I got an Apple USB mouse for $.50, and it's the original Bondi flavor one! Too bad the cord was cut... :-/ But we can fix it! We have the technology! A generic USB cable should do the trick. It has to be as thin as the original cord, though. A basic remainder is that most USB cables have...
  6. Carboy7

    Quicksilver is MESSED UP!

    You guys remember the old post about that Quicksilver G4 refusing to boot properly? It's at it again! This god-damn machine refused to read CDs, would not boot off the internal HDD, and would only work properly once I linked it to my iMac G3/600 Dalmatian in Target Disk mode. It booted 10.4.11...
  7. Carboy7

    Quicksilver has VGA issue

    I got a Power Mac G4 QS! So I decided to plug in my HP VGA monitor... the monitor didn't even flash. Nothing. The quicksilver hummed along, not sure what was happening but doing it anyways... but no monitor. It works, because I've tested it with my other computers. I jiggled the card, as well...
  8. Carboy7

    Carboy7's conquests!

    I guess it has come to this day... I recently got in touch with a seller for a Flower Power iMac G3... Hopefully, I obtain it by Sunday! And I didn't try to negotiate, either. Aren't I a good person? (Don't answer that, please :p )
  9. Carboy7

    the iBook's logo.

    I recently found out how easy it is to get the Apple logo on a Clamshell (mine was blueberry) to fall off. It appears that the glue that they used is beginning to wear out. Anyway, my question was: How easy is it to super-glue the logo/leaf back on so it stays permanently on? I'm trying...
  10. Carboy7

    I think my iMac's speakers are sick...

    ...because it clicks really loud when I try to play the Indigo error sound at medium volume. xx(   It visibly vibrates and clicks at about 5-6 clicks of the speaker volume key from muted. (G3 MODEL) EDIT: And it also clicks in the startup bong.
  11. Carboy7

    Wallstreet II speaker

    I am hearing a bit of crackling coming from the internal speaker. Is this good, considering that it "fixed" the sound? It used to not play a "BONG" at start, but now it does! But is that crackling good? I don't know. Since I don't know, I'm leaving it off until I get answers, either from Google...
  12. Carboy7

    Free iBook Clamshell

    This amazing thing was on the side of the street, gathering dust! So I picked it up, and brought it home. Guess what? IT WORKS! Sure, the keyboard is a bit damaged, the front bezel and power button are cracked, but it was free. I couldn't complain. It also came with a 40GB USB HDD. Then I...
  13. Carboy7

    Apple ][ cards!

    Ok, I got a Disk ][ interface card. The capacitor might have leaked, but I cannot tell. Or test it; I don't have a ][. I did also get a Microtek BAM-16 language card!  BAM! Again, cannot test. But they look cool! It wouldn't be much of a surprise if they didn't work. they're 38 years old. And...
  14. Carboy7

    easy way to install MacOS 8.1 on 520c?

    Since 8.1 only came on CD, how would you give it to the floppy-disk loading PB520c? KIM that I have an HDI-30 to SCSI adapter, so getting a cd drive would be a good option. Just think of ideas. Any and all are encouraged! Although I might not actually go with that option. (or any... I'm...
  15. Carboy7

    Well, the 520c died.

    Something went boom. Now the 520c is dead. Won't boot. The disk spins up, but other then that, nothing. Ugh. (Is it caps? Maybe...)
  16. Carboy7

    iMac G3 gets sad

    So I tried to just boot up Cro-Mag Rally on MacOS9.2, which is a 3D-intensive game. (this might help you... I had just installed a 3D paint program (FDesign Detailer)) After I started it, it went through as usual, except the boot of the program was interrupted by a "No 3D Hardware accelerators...
  17. Carboy7

    Fractal Design: Detailer

    Here is a 1996 graphics and 3D modeling program for Macintosh. Apparently, it got 'Macworld Magazine Best Of Show' award... Seems cool, and for only $2.50, I couldn't resist! Amazingly, everything is in the box. All the magazines, manuals, and install disk!
  18. Carboy7

    PRAM battery freakout

    I have now just began to get scared. The PowerBook 520c doesn't have an easy to get to PRAM battery, unlike the 100 series. And having read about the 'rechargeable coin cells in powerbooks' makes me want to replace mine. However, there is a problem. I don't want to take apart the entire computer...
  19. Carboy7

    New PowerBook G3!

    Thanks to techfury90, I now have in my possession a beautiful Wallstreet/PDQ! Look at it next to the 520c. THANK YOU! :D sorry for the awful resolution, my webcam sucks. :p
  20. Carboy7

    I have found the 'games' folder...

    I found the games folder on OS 9. Oh boy, was I in for a huge surprise. (Sorry I don't have pics, yet. My camera died!) First up is nanosaur, a real favorite. You are in control of a dinosaur with a variety of weapons, including (but not limited to) a laser gun, laser shotgun, and a nuke. Yes...