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  1. desertrout

    190cs: fuse location??

    I'm troubleshooting some power / display issues on a 190cs, and the tech reference refers to a fuse on the logic board to test... but for the life of me I can't locate it. I'm going cross-eyed and beginning to think it doesn't exist. Does anyone happen know if there is a fuse, and where it...
  2. desertrout

    Apple IP Gateway - installation questions

    I'm trying to mess around with Apple IP Gateway, but the images supplied at Macintosh Repository (https://www.macintoshrepository.org/9754-apple-ip-gateway-1-0-1), well they're actually just folders... I made images from the folders to run the installer, but the installer tells me the second...
  3. desertrout

    Possible to convert 5.25" DOS 3.3 DSK images to ProDOS in Bernie?

    I'm wondering if there's a way to convert Apple II 5.25 images, usually in DOS 3.3 format it seems, to ProDOS or even DiskCopy format in Bernie ][ the Rescue... or is that just nonsense? I guess what I'm asking is if it's possible to get 5.25" images onto 3.5" disks outside of OSGS? (atm my...
  4. desertrout

    Plus ER14505 PRAM replacement?

    Has anyone tried using a 3.6V lithium AA (ER14505) as a replacement for the Plus PRAM? The 4.5V A21PX/523's are rare and expensive in Canada ($22/ea + shipping is the cheapest I can find - unless someone else has a decent source --- they're plentiful and less than 1/2 the price in the US), but I...
  5. desertrout

    IIci power LED - what voltage/amp rating?

    I want to replace the power LED on my IIci (it hasn't worked since I got the machine, tested bad, I have another one in there I grabbed from a parts bin but it's crazy bright). I'm shopping on Digikey but I don't know if I should be replacing it with a 5V LED or something else? Can we tell from...
  6. desertrout

    Novy Quick30 Plus + 6.0.5 + AppleTalk = :( ?

    I've got a couple Pluses with Novy Quick30 accelerators up and running with the RailGun driver on 6.0.5, and they're awesome. Goofy fast. HOWEVER AppleTalk (2.0.2) is borked. When the RailGun driver is loaded, file servers don't appear at all. When the booted with extensions off, the file...
  7. desertrout

    Plus low voltage after recapping / component replacement

    I have Plus that is reading steady low voltage - 9.2V and 3.9V - and showing an odd pattern on the screen (see attached). General sequence of events, things to know: - AB was working fine, but caps were older so decided to recap - recapping resulted in flupping, swapped old caps back in but...
  8. desertrout

    Portable case rubber feet replacement

    I guess this is the right forum for this... I'm wondering if anyone has been able to find or reproduce the black rubber feet for the Portable case - about 2.5" long, 1" wide, and 0.6" high... I have a case missing two such feet.
  9. desertrout

    5120 - fuse blew when plugging in adapter

    Aside from what I understand is expected behaviour using one of the cheap 6V/5Ah SLA batteries and the grey 5140 adapter (I know I know), my 5120 has been working well over the past few months, using it on a semi-daily basis, on battery alone as well as with the adapter. Today, when I went to...
  10. desertrout

    Portable rebuilt battery charge / discharge rates

    I've been using my 5120 on a semi-daily basis for the past few months after a successful repair, overall working great. The battery is one I rebuilt using a 6V/5ah SLA 'brick' UPS replacement battery, and I'm using the 5651 (the 2 amp) adapter (I'm constantly looking for an original 1.5A...
  11. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    I've got a couple 800k drives that will spin up a known good system disk to the happy mac icon, but then eject the disk. I'm doing my testing on the one that I've recapped, cleaned, lubed, and cleaned the heads (several times), but the behaviour is the same between the two. The upper head...
  12. desertrout

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    I'm restoring a Plus that has a 25mHz 68030 / 25mHz 6888 math co-processor upgrade, but there are no identifying marks on it, on either side (well, it's soldered on so I can't see 100% of the underside, but from what I can see there's no labels/writing) - is there a way to tell who made it...
  13. desertrout

    Powerbook 1xx PRAM battery removal

    Does anyone have any tips for removing the 'thick' lead of the Powerbook 100 series PRAM battery from the interconnect board? Thin lead comes out easily, but I have yet been able to remove the thick lead on any of mine. It's made trickier because the battery is right next to the speaker. I've...
  14. desertrout

    "Retrobrighting" Powerbook keys?

    Does anyone know if you can somehow restore the color of grey plastics that have browned? My PB 180 in particular has noticeably brown keys and trackball buttons that I assume is due to bromine. I'm tempted to perform an experiment though I have my doubts since the usual de-yellowing techniques...
  15. desertrout

    SE/30 - help with UH7 pin continuity

    I'm trying to degub simasimac on my SE/30, and noticed the R–W line (which is connected to, like, everything important - RAM, CPU, GLU, SWIM, VIAs, etc...) was buzzing to both ground as well as to WR (which connects to J8 - 18 / J6 - 19... all having party together. It would seem the 'short' (if...
  16. desertrout

    Inductor values?

    This more of a general component question, but I wasn't sure where to put it.  I've been poking around this portable board and schematics, just to get familiar with them, and also verifying traces to/from the SWIM, and noticed that none of the smaller inductors have any part numbers or values on...
  17. desertrout

    SE/30 - new simasimac / no chime after PSU and analog recap

    OK, so I recently recapped my SE/30 mainboard and it went smoothly, and it resolved a weak sound issue. Little guy worked just fine. Great, I thought, I'll get ahead of the curve and recap my (Astec) PSU and analog board. That goes smoothly as well, and I resoldered a few grey-looking connectors...
  18. desertrout

    Portable / Powerbook SWIMs

    In an effort to nail down a potential replacement SWIM for my 5120, I began looking at SWIMs on other boards of a similar vintage. I have narrowed down the potential options to: 344S1029: the direct replacement, what I pulled off my 5120 344S1029-A: seen on 5126, PB100, 140, 170 343S1029-A...
  19. desertrout

    Best way to move from French OS 9 to English?

    I have a G3 iMac with French OS 9.0.4 that I'd like to replace with English - what would be the best way to do that? I don't think I can merely perform an update to 9.1 in English... can I???
  20. desertrout

    SE/30 Missing capacitor?

    I'm in the process of ordering caps for my SE/30, which I use reasonably often and it works very well but I noticed the speaker has gone pretty quiet. I cleaned and inspected the main board recently and there was definitely some leakage and a little corrosion. However, I also noticed that...