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  1. TimHD

    Rayovac 4.5 battery replacement hack

    Nice. Will try this trick too.
  2. TimHD

    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    These have arrived - DM me if you want me to pass some on to you (cost of Oz post only). Cheers
  3. TimHD

    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    Another amazing product coming out of some great collaboration and support on these forums! Can’t wait for this, and the next amazing product someone here produces. I will be getting a lot of these!
  4. TimHD

    What is this power adapter for?

    It can even be used with some QuickTake cameras eg 100 and 150 https://lowendmac.com/ed/lebron/09ll/quicktake-150.html
  5. TimHD

    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    For those in Oz, I’ve already got a bulk shipment coming in from @Geekybit - so DM me if you want to reserve some and I can ship them to you at local postal rates.
  6. TimHD

    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    Great 👍 Anyone in Australia who wants one DM me as I will get a bulk pack and can pass on at cost.
  7. TimHD

    IIfx SCSI2SD

    Has anyone gotten a V.6 to work in a IIfx. I noticed that nowadays the list of compatible/tested macs the sites selling them seem to be quite restrictive. I know the v.5 earlier models seem to be far more reliable but these latter ones seem more restricted? Anyone have a clear understanding why...
  8. TimHD

    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    Anyone else in Australia interested in this? Might organise a large shipment for now and then divvy it up locally (as local shipping very cheap - just international shipping has gone crazy at the moment!)
  9. TimHD

    QuickCam on SE/30 issues

    Following this as I have one of the colour ones and saw the image was not great, so interested to know if there’s issues with it (recap etc) or software settings that might improve it…
  10. TimHD

    IIfx SCSI2SD

    What version SCSI2SD are you using and how did you fix that issue. My SCSI2SD in my iifx suddenly stopped working when I swapped some boards around (possibly including a video board or two) and have not been able to get it working again… Put original cards back in, but still nothing. Did you...
  11. TimHD

    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    Seems to be restricted to USA-only shipping on that site. Any chance or other place we can order these for the rest of the world?
  12. TimHD

    Nice conversion of iMac G4 with an M1 inside

    I think the fact the M1s can be fanless, means one less issue you need to manage inside these old cases. As you note, once you sort out the HDMI to internal LCD interface, it’s just a lot of wiring adapters inside to the ports - might even be able to piggyback off the existing ports in some...
  13. TimHD

    Nice conversion of iMac G4 with an M1 inside

    https://9to5mac.com/2021/10/07/imac-g4-m1-machine/ I’d be interested in doing this conversion once some instructions come out on how this was made.
  14. TimHD

    Homebrew PRAM Batteries

    Are you still progressing with this? I’d certainly be interested in a few of these for my various macs.
  15. TimHD

    Help Updating Firmware on a SCSI2SD v6

    Am having similar issues with my V6 SCSI2SD (Rev C) board I bought last year. Have tried entering DFU mode to update the firmware (NB: which one of the three are we supposed to use, tried 2020 and 2021 version, but not Rev F one, given mines a C)... I get this message in the debug log window...
  16. TimHD

    3D printing of missing/broken parts

    It looks like the Amiga and Commodore community is being well served by some 3D printing designers who are providing not only mounts but replacements for often broken pieces like monitors… exampe https://www.ebay.com/itm/284207477046 and at their store Has anyone looked into creating/designing...
  17. TimHD

    So what's new with your Newton?

    Just been getting mine up and going again complete with all the appendages - will have to get the portable printer out too like you have - to complete the set… I was also going to try and install this new software “FilePad” that I found on a disk I got with a purchase. Unfortunately the disk is...
  18. TimHD

    What’s the best ext. display to complement a Compact Mac?

    Inspired by @warmech’s post on his SE/30 with ext. colour monitor card inside, was wondering what people think might be the best looking external VGA colour display to complement SE/30 or Colour Classic? Putting aside Apple’s Portrait display and other Radius Vision displays that can be hard to...
  19. TimHD

    New game release: Flappy Mac

    Nice! Alas, the hard copy disk with source seems out of stock already (limited run!). I wonder if we can source the Disk and Disk Cover images as I have a number of those plastic single disk containers and some blank disks!