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  1. nickpunt

    QuickCam on SE/30 issues

    Just got a few QuickCams (2x B&W and 1x Color) and I'm having trouble getting anything of quality out of them. System SE/30 + Carrera040 + Micron Xceed running 7.5.5 with basic setup (fresh install, pretty bare minimum extensions). Running QuickCam 2.1.3 or QuickCam 2.0.2 software, set up to...
  2. nickpunt

    FPGA hardware supporting open source toolchains

    Thought this overview of open-toolchain FPGA hardware might be of interest to hardware hackers looking to build new projects with FPGAs:  https://www.ktemkin.com/exploring-open-fpga-hardware/
  3. nickpunt

    Clear acrylic SE/30 frame

    The current steel frame of the SE/30 has a few jobs: Hold the logic board in place above the bottom of the chassis Provide mounting points for the analog board and front case Support a hard drive and a floppy drive Support any PDS cards from moving around Hold the expansion...
  4. nickpunt

    Nick's finds

    After 7 years and dozens of various acquisitions, I've finally got a Micron Xceed! Pretty excited about getting it running. It came from a rusted SE/30 from eBay. I believe this is a Color 30 model. The only damage is some rusting on the PDS connector. After some toothbrush cleaning it looks...
  5. nickpunt

    Dual / Multi LC PDS slot

    Anyone ever try doubling up on LC PDS cards? Would they just work if stacked?   There have been multi-LC PDS solutions in the past, specifically MicroQue's TopHat which supported 4 LC PDS cards in a weird thick LC basement case. See my gallery here of images of that. What's interesting is in...
  6. nickpunt

    Mystic with LC video card

    I have a mystic (575 board) color classic and just acquired a rather large LC video card called the Lapis ProColorServer 24 LC. It's physically much bigger than I expected, to the point where it gets in the way of the 575 board's VRAM.  I could probably make this physically fit by building a...
  7. nickpunt

    Multiprocessor SE/30!

    "Scientists were so preoccupied with whether they or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" In all seriousness though, has anyone ever attempted to put two accelerators in an SE/30? For example, a socketed powercache and a turbo 68040: I have no particular desire to be...
  8. nickpunt

    SE/30 boot pattern / recap question

    I just picked up a nice SE/30 and on boot I got this pattern. I swapped the board into my known working SE/30 and got the same pattern, so I know its not AB/power related. I'm assuming this pattern is typical for a board needing a recap, but want to confirm as I didn't see it on the repair SE/30...
  9. nickpunt

    Color Classic buzz (with sound!)

    I recently got my color classic put back together and there's a high pitched noise I'm trying to diagnose. I'm not an analog guy so I can't tell what it is. The sound repeats every 5 seconds or so and is louder when monitor is bright.  I recorded it using a nice mic and pulled out the spectral...