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  1. Ferrix97

    Repair broken PowerBook hinges and posts with hot air station

    Hi!  A couple of weeks ago I started restoring a PowerBook with the typical issues: Bad caps on the display and stuck hard drive. As usual, when I removed the front bezel and display, all the four supports crumbled into tiny pieces. After seeing that glue doesn't always work and usually...
  2. Ferrix97

    Got another TechStep!

    As I mentioned in another topic a while ago, I was able to obtain a broken TechStep and bring it back to operation by replacing an IC. Well, Today another one Arrived! I got it mainly because I wanted the bag and manuals, that unfortunately were missing with the broken one. I also got...
  3. Ferrix97

    Fixing a Macintosh Classic Rev. 2 Analog board (240V) that shows no signs of life

    This is the third time that I found a board with this kind of issue, the same fix also works with board that produce low voltages at startup and ramp up as they heat up. The Board in question is a 630-0560-240V. This is a 240V international board, but the same fix should work on the US ones...
  4. Ferrix97

    A broken Apple TechStep

    (not sure if this the right place to post this, technically it's a conquest + repair) Sometimes I go on eBay and search for "Crazy expensive Hard to find Items", such as the Apple TechStep. As always, there were just a few units on sale, but one of them caught my eye: It was listed at 99$...
  5. Ferrix97

    Bring back to life a stuck Macintosh Quantum / Conner SCSI hard drive

    It seems like 2015 is the year of failing drives and stuck heads, I've made a very quick and rough video showing how to squeeze out some extra life from stuck drives. This trick also works on the bigger "brick" drives usually found in earlier macs like the SE ad SE/30. And also works on SCSI...
  6. Ferrix97

    Macintosh Portable only works when connected to the AC adapter

    Hello! I recently acquired a Macintosh Portable M5120, when I power it from a brand new (and charged) lead battery, it runs fine until it tries reading from the floppy drive or it spins up the hard disk, at this point the machine goes crazy: sometimes it will freeze, sometimes it will go in a...
  7. Ferrix97

    Another "Ticking" Macintosh Plus ED

    Hello! I recently scored three ED Macs, two Macintosh Plus EDs and a Macintosh ED (which is a 512ke). The Mac ED only needed a quick reflow of the J1 connector. The first Plus ED produced a very quick ticking noise no matter if the logic board was connected or not. I quickly noticed that the...
  8. Ferrix97

    Macintosh SE/30 Faint chime and no video, possible short on +5V

    Hello The Analog board is OK, I used another SE Board to test it and it works fine, I also installed the board in another SE/30 and it still shows the same issue: faint chime and no video (screen is totally black) This seems to be a very early revision board, with the yellow-band capacitors...
  9. Ferrix97

    Leaking Capacitors inside PowerBook 500 Series Power Supply

    Hello! I recently scored a couple of PowerBook 540c, together with three power bricks! When I plugged the first one, I heard a loud POP! noise coming from the power supply. I decided to open it using the vise and and after desoldering the bottom shield, I quickly found out what happened...
  10. Ferrix97

    Apple 821-7001-A Card

    A friend gave this to me, he found it in a stash of scrap boards Do you know what this card is/does? Thanks!
  11. Ferrix97

    Macintosh PowerBook 145/160/170 battery replacement

      Hi! Yesterday I tried using a battery pack from a broken (dead GPU) HP DV9000 to power a PowerBook, using one of those cheap DC-DC Step-Down modules.   The battery supplied about 15.5 Volts, the module's output was set to 6.8 Volts and was plugged into the DC Jack of the PowerBook.   With a...
  12. Ferrix97

    (almost) weekly Apple Conquest video series

    Hi! Unfortunately school took away the free time I had during the summer, but now I'm (almost) back, thanks to the Christmas holidays! I thought it would have been interesting to share my latest find in a video! This past Sunday, I picked up 3 PowerMac G4s (they all have problems) and a...
  13. Ferrix97

    PowerBook 145B (also for 140, 160, 145) Display Capacitor Replacement Video Tutorial

    Hello! Finally decided to make a video about the display repair there are also two capacitors on the inverter board: 33uf 10v 47uf 16v let me know if it was useful or if you have any questions or suggestions! http://youtu.be/XP-fWaDbv5s
  14. Ferrix97

    Macintosh LC Restoration Video Series

    Hello! A friend of mine brought me a few Mac LCs and LC IIs to restore, this time I decided to record most of the electronics restoration, here I am replacing the ELNA Capacitors inside the PSU (with a bit of rambling on it) Hopefully you will find the video entertaining and maybe useful...