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  1. jammi

    Monitor Sense wiring for a fake Multiple Scan 21"?

    I'm trying to get the best out of my Quadra 950 built-in video. I have a SuperMac NuBus card driving a 1024x768 15" TFT at 60Hz I use as its main monitor. The builtin video along with the Houdini II card however is something I'd like to configure to Multiple Scan 21" codes to my CRT for, but I...
  2. jammi

    Quadra 610 chime of death

    So, I was using my Quadra 610 as usual since it's a pretty quiet slab with builtin Ethernet and has 68MB of RAM allowing it to run most of the stuff I've been throwing at it. Then it started freezing randomly and eventually no longer powered on, just having chimes of death. I tried reseating the...
  3. jammi

    Macintosh SE VIKING 1 graphics card drivers?

    Hello, I was inspecting this Macintosh SE I aquired a couple of years ago and how to get its graphics card expansion going. Apparently it's built for a 1280x960 resolution monochrome display at 66Hz, so a 17" or 19" 1280x1024 VGA display should be able to handle that. However, my issue is...
  4. jammi

    LC 475 floppy disk controller issues

    Hi, I recently recapped my LC 475 that was having all kinds of stability woes and extremely unreliable SCSI before recapping. Now it boots solidly from a SCSI2SD (and HDDs), but the floppy disk controller no longer works. I used it extensively with FloppyEmu before recapping, so I know it did...