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  1. aplmak

    ANS 700 Power Supply

    So I have two ANS 700 power supplies.. One is dead.. so I opened it up after drilling out nicely the three rivets on one side. I sent the PS to a reputable company down in NC.. They did not take long to diagnose it.. They want $1500.00 for the repair! That's just insane! I do my own repairs but...
  2. aplmak

    ANS (Apple Network Server) IPT Demo uShare Software

    Hey everyone, So I am trying to obtain a legal license and/or license key for IPT's OPI/uShare software that runs on AIX 4.1.4. Of course it's so old I am not sure they even exist anymore or if they would even provide it for purchase. In trying out the uShare software it appears the demo will...
  3. aplmak

    AIX on Apple Network Server

    I thought I would start a new thread. Is there anyone that is proficient with AIX on the board? I am trying to back up the primary hdisk0 drive on the ANS 500 to the external SCSI port. I am at the point where it see's the external as a physical volume and it has it assigned it hdisk1. So it is...
  4. aplmak

    Apple Network Server 500/132

    Anyone know the 50 pin scsi model type drive they used in this server? Was it an apple brand (which I do not think) or what brand was it and perhaps the model number. I have an ANS 500 with no DAT drive and I want to fill the space with one.. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks...
  5. aplmak

    PB100 Strange Memory Slot Board

    Hello all... It's been ages since I have been on. In any case I ran into a PB100 with this very odd board in the memory slot. It has a very small connector at the end that protrudes through a hole near the PRAM battery area.. It appears the board makers made a replacement battery door (see in...
  6. aplmak

    PB Duo 2300 & Other Duo's Rubber Feet & Bumpers

    Anyone familiar on where to purchase the "gooed" rubber bumpers or feet for the duo series? I did find some a while back that pretty much worked but they were black in color. Would be nice to get grey similar replacements... Any assistance greatly appreciated... :)  Have a great weekend! Matt
  7. aplmak

    G3 Wallstreet NO boot with SSD!

    Ok here’s one for ya’ll. Wallstreet 333 MHz I replaced with a Trancend 32gb IDE ssd. Formatted fine with Apple HD drive setup. Installed OS 9.2.2 perfectly. Drive appears on desktop with all files. Mind you I did this via a bootable PCMCIA 32gb card. Now will not boot PCMCIA card out of course...
  8. aplmak

    Connor Mac Portable 3045 40MB Drives

    Ok so I have 3 working drives.. I de-gooed them and sealed them with some good silicone adhesive. They are in perfect shape. The problem is the boards... I've got a pile of connor hdd boards that are bad... I assume it was during when people tried to fire them up while capacitors were leaking...
  9. aplmak

    Barcode Scanner

    Hey guys/gals I have a barcode adb scanner and it works well. It powers up and scans but I would like to use it to inventory with bar codes. I don't know how to interface it with a program. Can it be done with Hypercard? I remember seeing old Apple video's of them scanning boards and inventory...
  10. aplmak

    Component ID Help

    Can someone help me identify what this component is and a possible replacement??? It's ID'd as "CR".... It was in a small glass tube which is now broken unfortunately.. Possibly a diode?? But what can I put in as a replacement?? This is on an Apple Portable Modem board... Thanks in advance!
  11. aplmak

    Dynamac Smokin!

    Well I powered up one of my Dynamac's this past weekend... Works fine... and then it started smokin again.. But it remained powered on... the fan just kept blowing a nice breeze of smoke... So it's time to recap that power supply.... The offender was a .22 X2 safety cap.... after removing it...
  12. aplmak

    For TAM owners or any FM Card owners!

    Found this on ebay!! Perfect solution for your FM radio tuner in your TAM.. Probably also good for anyone else with an FM tuner card in a mac. This beats the standard FM antenna cable...  Search on ebay "Telescopic FM Antenna".. This one is pricy on ebay but I like the style.. It's a press on...
  13. aplmak

    Farallon EtherMac SCSI Adapter

    Hey all... Need help figuring out what power adapter goes to this?? Is it 12V positive on the inside??? Any help from those with one or knows would be appreciated..
  14. aplmak

    Help Inductor Identification for an HD20

    Ok.. so I recapped a while back a HD20 (old 20MB version)... It was working just fine... I booted it up today and it whirled up and started booting.. All of a sudden the burning smell of components.. and the drive spun down... Found it was an inductor on the hard drive pcb.. Well I happened to...
  15. aplmak

    Where did this mouse crawl in from?

    So bought this recently... Wonder where in history this mouse was born?.... It appears looking at the board it is stamped "ANKO MOUSE".... This came from California.. and I can find an Anko Electronics in Cali.... I had seen in a video at one point that Apple did test out a 3 button mouse with...
  16. aplmak

    SE & SE/30 Analog Board Cap List

    Maybe it's me but I can't find a simple list on the cap sizes for the SE & SE/30 analog boards.... Anyone?? Most greatful! There appears to be a seller on ebay in NH that sells the rare 3.9uf 100v cap... just FYI... Aplmak
  17. aplmak

    PB100 Screen with Line

    Ok... so I recapped both the logic board and lcd displays caps.. The LCD has the 3.3uf caps and I've done this many times before... Anyways.. I hate that this display has a line in it.. Any one know what may be the issue?? This display doesn't suffer from that annoying purple/pink splotch from...
  18. aplmak

    Macintosh Portable Feet Remake

    Would be nice if someone out there could reproduce with a 3D printer some of these feet for the portable... These tend to crumble... I suspect it wouldn't be a hard job for a 3D printer... I don't have one...
  19. aplmak

    Powerbook 100 Connor Hard Drive Repair

    If you have a macintosh powerbook 100 more than likely the hard drive is giving you a hard time... Well I've taken several apart and have repaired them. What the issue was in a little arm (see photos below) there is a magnet with some sort of coating that has broken down over time. Well that...
  20. aplmak


    Been trying to find this cool little program.. Not on the garden... Anyone??? Cool little interactive program responds like an early Siri but VERY old.. Preprogrammed responses.. Thanks!