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  1. sutekh

    180c VSync Issue

    Hi Friends, Over the weekend I decided to see about getting my "parts" 180c up and running. I purchased it with a pre-existing screen condition alongside a 180, and although I combined its best bits with my other 180c to make a single, very nice unit, this one is complete and really not too...
  2. sutekh

    AppleTalk Over IP

    I have what is probably an obvious question, but one I haven't been able to find an answer to searching the forum, Google, or via brute force attempts to make something work. I now have a small collection of PowerBooks connected to my LAN over wifi via SLIP and ESP8266-based serial modem...
  3. sutekh

    Angry 800K Sony MP-F51W-23

    I purchased a dirty and untested Sony 800K mp-f51w-23 (I think it came out of an SE) as an internal drive replacement for my 512K (which is running Plus ROMs and a MacSnap).   After thoroughly going through it and cleaning / re-lubricating, the carriage movement is nice and smooth, but when...
  4. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless "Modem"

    Hello! I just wrapped up a project over in the Hacks & Development forum that I though might be of particular interest to this crowd, so I'm cross-posting. TL;DR, I've developed a serial wifi module that directly replaces the internal Global Village modem. It only offers modem speed, but...
  5. sutekh

    PowerBook Duo Wifi Modem

    When I previously expressed interest in developing an ESP8266 wifi modem replacement for the Duo, @techknight correctly pointed out that the "modem" board on the Duo serves other purposes (e.g., the power switches) and the much larger connector isn't just a glorified RS-232 port. Furthermore...
  6. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    With all of last week's posting issues resolved, let me try this again... Not sure if this is most appropriately posted in this forum or over in Hacks, but I think it's more likely to reach the target audience here :)  As a follow up to my recent Duo Li-Ion battery project, I've been working...
  7. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    The little Vonets VM-300 wireless bridge module I assembled for use with my Duo last week didn't really scratch the itch I have for a fully integrated, wireless networking solution, so... in my on-going quest for a portable and connected 68K, I've fixed my sights on the Global Village modem in...
  8. sutekh

    Wifi Bridge Module

    While I still entertain the fantasy of someday finding time to reverse engineer the Duo's modem board and develop an internal Wifi NIC, this quick and effective, if less elegant and more cumbersome solution will have to serve for now. I got the idea from user @ants, who's done some awesome work...
  9. sutekh

    Inertial Computing (SCSI2SD) MIA???

    Has anyone purchased a SCSI2SD recently? Inertial shows that the PowerBook version has been out of stock for a while, and my attempts to email them or contact them via their profile here have all gone unanswered. I bought one for my Duo a few months ago, so this is a recent development.
  10. sutekh

    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    Well, I officially need my head examined. I threw a low offer out on an untested "parts" PB 180c, and to my surprise it was accepted and arrived today in one piece. It's a wreck though. Its installed aftermarket NiCad has leaked and was fused in place. Plastic at the hinges is of course broken...
  11. sutekh

    Duo Two-Button Mouse - Power Click

    While researching battery utilities for my Li-Ion thread, I ran across a very old duo FAQ (from 04/18/94) that referenced a nifty utility called "Power Click". Despite what I've read elsewhere, the Duo's mouse buttons are wired separately! <blockquote> * PowerClick: A neat shareware...
  12. sutekh

    Duo Li-ion Battery

    I see a few threads where this has been discussed, but not any that seem to have resulted in a fully-functional Li-ion pack. Now that my 280c is re-capped and functional, the next step is to make it portable! It's OE NiMh is long dead, so an upgrade is in order. I want the pack to charge and...
  13. sutekh

    Duo 280c Re-Cap

    Hello! I recently purchased a Duo 280c, and although it works (seller tested), I'm not going to run it until its very obviously leaking caps have been replaced. I'm no stranger to a soldering station, and have my cart ready for checkout on Mouser, but have hit a snag: I cannot for the life of me...
  14. sutekh

    512K(e) Online

    Greetings! Long time 68K owner / user, occasional forum lurker, and recent member here. After a several year 68K hiatus, I managed to find a bit of free space and spare time to devote to this former hobby :) For the past 25 years I've been in possession of my father's 512K, which he...