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    What if Woz got what he wanted for a 8MHz version of Apple IIGS

    We know that the 68000 require 4 clock cycles to access RAM comparing only 2 cycles for 65C816. That makes 65C816 runs roughly twice as fast as 68000 at the same clock speed. I saw it on an interview that Woz originally wanted 8MHz of 65C816 on the IIGS. Won't that mean the Apple IIGS could...
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    Why Lisa didn't use 8MHz 68000?

    It seemed odd that Mac has a faster processor than Lisa. 8MHz 68000 was available since 1981, long before Lisa's release. Why didn't Lisa use it? I always thought if Lisa can release with Macintosh as a family from the beginning, it will enjoy much better success due to its larger screen.
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    Why didn't the Original Mac OS have pre-emptive multitasking

    Apple Lisa has pre-emptive multitasking. It seems trivial to have multi-tasking for Mac OS from the beginning. Why didn't it have it? Was it because of the memory limitation or performance concern? And why was it so hard to add pre-emptive multitasking to the classic Mac OS afterward? It...
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    What is your favorite 68K Mac Productivity Software

    For me, the favorites are Desktop Publishing: Ready Set Go! It is amazing that this software is still available today on Windows platform. Absolutely the easiest to use and yet powerful desktop publishing software. Drawing Program: Canvas. Canvas is the first program I remembered that...
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    The story of Dark Castle, the best 64K Macintosh game ever

    II just read a story about making of Dark Castle. I would like to share with you on that https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/the-making-of-i-dark-castle-i-an-excerpt-from-the-secret-history-of-mac-gaming I think Dark Castle is the best platformer ever made. Better than Super Mario brother...
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    Web browser and email client for 68k Mac?

    Hi there, I have a question regarding which web browser and email client I can use with the 68K Mac? The iCAB 2.9.9 can't really get on any websites. The Outlook Express doesn't allow you to enter account with "@" sign in it (for example "abc@gmail.com"). I need a mail client that can read...
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    Lisa 2 or Macintosh XL owners?

    Hi, As a teenager, I was always fascinated by Lisa 2 and Macintosh XL. Although my first computer was an Apple IIe and followed by a Mac Plus. I never forget looking at Sun Remarketing's advertisement in wonder of how beautiful those machines are with the larger display. Is there anyone who...
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    What draws you to 68K Powerbooks?

    Apple makes several kind of powerbooks. The original 68K models. The PowerPC types. Then the Intel models. What particular attracts you to the 68K Powerbooks? Obviously, 68K Macs are highly desirable as they worth more on the eBay. What are the reasons? The reason for me is simple. I used...
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    How do I load programs into Powerbook hard drive?

    Hi, I am thinking about buying an 64K Powerbook because I used to own one back in college decades ago. But my question is how do I load programs into one? Obviously, 3.5 inch disks won't work and I don't have them laying around. Any clue is appreciated Also, I wonder where else besides eBay...