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  1. Kallikak

    Mac Plus analog board replacement

    I just had a fairly catastrophic failure of my Mac Plus analog board. A few components are seriously charred, and though I haven't removed the board yet to check over thoroughly (it's too late at night to start doing this properly), I expect there will be too much damage for anything other than...
  2. Kallikak

    Strange ADB problem

    I am having a strange problem with an ADB keyboard hooked up to a IIgs. If I connect it up and turn on, everything works fine. But, if I then turn off the computer, and turn it back on - without doing or touching anything else, the keyboard doesn't work at all. However, the ADB mouse (that is...
  3. Kallikak

    I've just documented my collection

    I've just finishing documenting my Apple Computer collection, see here for the details: Apple Collection. I have tried to do more than just list, but actually describe the historical and personal context of each of my machines. Of most general interest are these three internal links: Stories...
  4. Kallikak

    Mac II startup failure

    Here's a strange one. With absolutely no warning, my Mac II failed on me last night. After having gone to great lengths to put this machine together (I got it in parts from several places) I was quite upset by this, although I wasn't about to start to panic without having had a good try at...
  5. Kallikak

    400K drives

    Well, I've just had a very satisfying morning. I opened up my 512K Mac (see earlier thread) and took out the 400K disk drive. It was reading ok, but not ejecting - a very common problem with these old drives as the grease dries up and glues the eject levers. I cleaned it all out and got it...
  6. Kallikak

    64K ROMs and 800K floppy

    Here's a slightly strange one. My 128K mac had been upgraded to 128K ROMs and internal 800K drive. Since my Plus covers this space well and I wanted a representative machine with the 64K ROMs I downgraded it, but kept the 800K drive (because I don't have a 400K drive and it appears to work...