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  1. morgant

    Screenshot w/AppleScript on Mac OS 8.6?

    It's hard to google for anything containing the word "screenshot" these days, and even harder to google for anything AppleScript that relates to pre-Mac OS X. Does anyone know of a way to grab a screenshot under Mac OS 8.6 that's scriptable? I'm fine with running a simple, low-overhead, and free...
  2. morgant

    My Power Macintosh 9500 Server

    I recently searched out a Power Macintosh 9500 (ended up with 17 other Gw & G4 freebies as well) for various bootstrapping projects and have it online as a web server using AppleShare IP 6.1.1: http://buuto.makkintosshu.com/ What do you all think? Suggestions? I'd like to toss some more...