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  1. TimHD

    Nice conversion of iMac G4 with an M1 inside

    https://9to5mac.com/2021/10/07/imac-g4-m1-machine/ I’d be interested in doing this conversion once some instructions come out on how this was made.
  2. TimHD

    3D printing of missing/broken parts

    It looks like the Amiga and Commodore community is being well served by some 3D printing designers who are providing not only mounts but replacements for often broken pieces like monitors… exampe https://www.ebay.com/itm/284207477046 and at their store Has anyone looked into creating/designing...
  3. TimHD

    What’s the best ext. display to complement a Compact Mac?

    Inspired by @warmech’s post on his SE/30 with ext. colour monitor card inside, was wondering what people think might be the best looking external VGA colour display to complement SE/30 or Colour Classic? Putting aside Apple’s Portrait display and other Radius Vision displays that can be hard to...
  4. TimHD

    QuickTake 200 kinda powers up but white screen on LCD

    I have been playing with a QT200 I acquired some time ago and when it powers up it seems to show a WHITE LCD 99% of the time (I think I've seen the odd No Card on black screen once or twice). When I press the Action Button the LCD turns off and the red light on the lens comes on (not seen that...
  5. TimHD

    PowerBook G4 15” display issue

    I recently powered up my 15” Aluminium PowerBook G4 after some months and noticed the display did not fully come up on boot. The screen shows a faint line across the screen about 1 Inch up from the bottom (not a single pixel, but almost a full charcter height, very faint dark grey band on black...
  6. TimHD

    Macintosh II Video Cards - expansion ram?

    Are the ram chips still available for these vintage video cards or do you need to snag the rare expansion kits on eBay to upgrade them?  See Apple Service Source manual for video card upgrades attached which doesn’t detail the ram chips required.   
  7. TimHD

    Recap Guide - 12” RGB Monitor (M1296)

    Note: I wonder if the admins could create a Repairs or Recaps forum so that we can collate and capture knowledge like the below before it is lost.    https://jbretro.wordpress.com/2019/07/10/m1296-recap/ The aim of this post is to create a reference online of capacitors used in the main and...
  8. TimHD

    WTB/WTS: Apple External Video Connector Kit - Small Metal Bracket for rear Nubus/PCI Access Door

    I have an earlier (5200/75 era) Apple External Video Connector Kit (M4099LL/A) which seems to only have the large metal retainer bracket to mount the DB-15 VGA out port. Later version of this connector kit (5400/225 era - see https://usermanual.wiki/Apple/EarlierPowerMac.1073851292/html) also...
  9. TimHD

    PowerMac 5500/225 PCI video card expansion options

    Some time ago I picked up a black PowerMac “Directors Edition” 5400/180. It came with a 5500/225 (PCI not PDS) motherboard, a Sonnet Crescendo G3 (7450) L2 400/1M accelerator, a TV/ FM Tuner card, an AV card (820-9745) and what seems to be a ATI IIc and/or ATI RV100 (both come up in System...
  10. TimHD

    PowerBook 5300ce Repair Issues - tips requested

    I recently acquired a 'cosmetically good' PowerBook 5300ce that had some issues. I've had a few attempts to work through the symptoms using the Service Source and reading other Forum posts, but am having little success getting it up and running and would ask for any further tips you have (short...
  11. TimHD

    Visioneer PaperPort Vx SCSI Drivers?

    Does anyone have a complete set of the PaperPort Vx SCSI drivers? https://www.macintoshrepository.org/2558-paperport-vx As per above link, MR has lots of drivers for the Serial (standard) configuration, but I am running mine via a SCSI cable and it needs different drivers. The Repository has 2...
  12. TimHD

    Apple Multiple Scan 15” Display (M2978) issues - LEDs cycling

    I acquired a later revision Apple Multiple Scan 15” Display - Model M2978, Nov 1995. (Ie this one is different to the model (M2943) you commonly see in the Apple manuals by this name, which was originally introduced in mid 1994.) When the monitor powers on, the green LEDs below...
  13. TimHD

    Powerbook 140 Low Power Adapter testing

    I acquired a Powerbook 140 (tho it has a "145B" stencil inside the case?) with a Macintosh Low power adapter with it. I think the power adapter is non-working (clearly the batter is, but believe this should turn on even with a dead battery inside). How can I test the 7.5V 2.0A adapter? Tried...
  14. TimHD

    Radius pivot 0379 Monitor Issue

    I managed to get a Radius 0379 (Color Pivot/LE) Monitor a while back now. I got the seller to pack it carefully and ship it to me and while it arrived fine, I was unable to get a proper image with a IIsi Radius card or a SE/30 Color Pivot cards I have. See images below. Any ideas whether the...
  15. TimHD

    What cards are this?

    I can recognise the floppy drive controller and what looks like a Z80 CPM Card, but what's the other one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142310976496
  16. TimHD

    What Apple Device does this go with?

    See attached image.  I got this with a LCIII I acquired, but it obviously doesn't go with it. It looks Apple-like, so wanted to see what it was and what it went with.  3.5mm to 3 x RCA???
  17. TimHD

    Mac IIci startup Sad Mac error code 0000000F, 00007FFF

    Per http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.htmlthis is a "$000F Reserved for Macintosh compatibility" issue. Any ideas what could be causing this? Have a stock standard Mac IIci, 12mb with 80MB hdd and ext Cd 300e attachedand terminated properly. Have noted the occasional lockup...
  18. TimHD

    Are Powerbook Wallstreet PDQ (1998) & Lombard (1999) 14.1" display hinges the same?

    Trying to source a replacement (right) hinge for the 14.1" Wallstreet PDQ (1998) model M4753. The 1998 series was the year Apple consolidated the screens from 12/13/14 into a single 14.1" Wallstreet II PDQ series (both series being M4753 models), with the following year's Powerbook G3 Lombard...
  19. TimHD

    Anyone able to make an Apple SCSI Terminator II (Black) - M5871G/A?

    For the benefit of those with Mac IIfx's (or NTX printers) out there that having issues getting external SCSI devices to work because they can't locate the incredibly rare "Black" Apple SCSI Terminators II's - I was wondering if the linked Apple Tech notes might be of interest to someone here...
  20. TimHD

    Macintosh II programmer/reset key/switch?

    I've seen Mac 128/512/Plus programmer keys/reset switches (thin long, on left hand side) and the ones for theSE/SE/30 switches (taller, 2 pivoting buttons, LHS), but find that neither works on a Mac II (fx specifically) to access the two buttons on the RHS (right hand side). Are these available?