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  1. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    This has not been a good month for me. First my poor cat Linus is hit and killed by a car last week, and now the Q950 I picked up from our dear Nuvision has died! This Quadra 950, a workhorse at Nuvision Graphics for who knows how many years, is now giving no signs of life, and I don't know why...
  2. Floofies

    Quadra 950 Sadmac when CD-ROM drive is connected

    Hey all, I've recently started setting up a Quadra 950 with SCSI2SD. I have encountered an issue where connecting a CD-ROM drive causes the machine to SadMac on boot, sometimes showing a movable mouse cursor for a second beforehand. This occurs regardless if the CD drive is connected internally...
  3. Floofies

    Stuff from Nuvision's Dragon Hoard

    Macintosh Quadra 800 with PowerPC upgrade card Macintosh IIsi with a blown Maxell bomb xx( Macintosh LCII with some minor cap leakage Macintosh Quadra 950 with 128MB of RAM Macintosh Quadra 630CD with Comm. Slot Ethernet 2x PowerBook Duo (One with a cracked screen) 3x PowerBook Duo batteries...
  4. Floofies

    ATX PSU Conversion Mapping

    I recently got involved in reverse engineering the power architecture of the Quadra 630, in order to do an ATX PSU conversion. One thing I noticed is the large differences in component values between models, and implementations. Now I am very interested in finding out what the differences are...
  5. Floofies

    External Floppy Drives - Q630 & Alike

    I recently started a Quadra 630 project, and one of the main project goals is to convert the internal floppy drive to external. Someone mentioned: "you could always plug in an external floppy", but (since the Q630 lacks a floppy port) I have not found any external floppy drives that would work...
  6. Floofies

    MicroQuadra 630

    This is an anchor thread for a Quadra 630 project I am starting, which will receive periodic updates as the project progresses. The primary goal of this project is to build a custom, minimal vertical case for the Quadra 630 logic board. The case will not support internal expansion except for...
  7. Floofies

    Well, this is an odd one.

    I was in the middle of using Disk Copy 6.3.3 to image a floppy, inserted a double sided disk and... Well, it didn't like the disk and rejected it, even though it was double sided. When I tried again, this happened: The system froze at that point. Notice how it says to insert "Macintosh HD"...
  8. Floofies

    Connecting a 20MB RoDime (MacSE) to a Q630

    This is more a jury-rig than a hack, but still cool! I did not expect this to work. I have a RoDime R0652 pulled from a Mac SE that died one day. I decided I needed to see if it still worked. The only 68k Mac I own is a Quadra 630... so there's no opportunity for an internal connection there...
  9. Floofies

    Q630 Oddness

    I'm curious what these (circled in red) are on my Quadra 630 Logic Board. I hadn't noticed them until I went to recap the board... There's 3 SMD components hanging off 3 pins, on two NEC chips. Any ideas?
  10. Floofies

    Web-Based FileBrowser... for 68k Macs.

    What is one of the most important things to you, when setting up an old Pre-OSX Mac? Getting the system running at it's best, getting it on the internet, and upgrading it to hell and back!? Maybe! I can say for sure that most people are probably going to include filesharing in that list, and...
  11. Floofies

    Quadra 630 PATA: Slave Capable?

    The Quadra/Performa 630 uses PATA... With a modified cable, is it capable of supporting two drives? (Master & Slave) From what I've seen, probably not, but... Has anyone actually tried this?
  12. Floofies

    G4 MDD - Appleshare delaying startup time?

    I always knew Appleshare made the startup process a little longer, but how long is "normal"? On a semi-fresh install of OS 9.2.2 on a 1.6Ghz MDD, it's freakishly long (over 2 minutes)... Any reason? I heard somewhere it could be caused by Appleshare looking to mount non-existent shares (that...
  13. Floofies

    My Foray into Windows > OS9 Filesharing

    This is just to record my experience trying to get a Windows server to fileshare with an OS 9 client. Just in case someone makes the same google searches I did. I'm running Windows 7 on the server, and Mac OS 9.2.2 on the Mac (G4 MDD). Some serverside software had to be run in an Ubuntu Virtual...
  14. Floofies

    Cramming a 10K RPM SCA-2 Drive into a LaCie Joule HD Case.

    I want to cram a 10K RPM enterprise SCSI drive into a LaCie Joule HD external case to replace the dead drive inside. Reference/backstory thread: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25838-lacie-joule-730-hd-problems/ I know I need an 80-pin SCA-2 to 50-Pin adapter, but does anyone know...
  15. Floofies

    Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box (ADB) on Mac OS 7.6.1?

    I have an ADB Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box (model 64206B) that I'm trying to get working under System 7.6.1, on a Quadra 630. Is it possible?
  16. Floofies

    LaCie Joule 730 HD Problems

    I have a LaCie Joule 730 HD. It's an external SCSI hard drive with a Quantum Lightning 730s 2400 inside it. It spins up and the electronics seem to work ok, but the drive itself does not seem to operate properly. I last got it working on a Macintosh SE about 6 years ago, but when I recently...
  17. Floofies

    Installing System 7 on a Quadra 630 with no CD drive...

    I'm going mad trying to do this with limited resources. I am seriously going to lose it if I can't get this working. I need to install System 7.5 on my Quadra 630, but it's proving to be nearly impossible. It currently has Mac OS 8.0 on a 500MB HDD, but I want to install System 7 on my bigger...
  18. Floofies

    Drivers for an Asante MCLC Rev6 - LC PDS Card?

    I'm looking for drivers for an Asante LC PDS ethernet card, but I'm so new to the 68k scene (Hello!) that I don't know where to look. So far I've checked Google and Macintosh Garden, with no luck! My card is visually similar to this one. The printed text on my card says: Asante Tech, INC. ©...