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  1. sutekh

    Powerbook 180 ac adapter

    I had a post about this I thought, but looks like it was lost in the purge 🤷‍♂️ Any of the cheaply available 5.5mm x 2.1mm solder-on connectors (or an adapter if you prefer) should serve nicely.
  2. sutekh

    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    Agree it's a great problem to have! Just be conscious of the performance implications @macuserman. I have SCSI2SDs in my 180s vs. BlueSCSI because the performance delta between the two is noticeable and measurable on a 68030. BlueSCSI is an awesome project with great support and ease of use though!
  3. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx series replacement screw bosses

    Very nice work. What material are you using for option #1? I tried something similar using CF infused ABS, but delamination between the printed layers was still a weak point when subjected to lateral force or when torquing the mounting hardware. I ended up making a small mold and now cast new...
  4. sutekh

    PowerBook 180C barrel connector shorted to ground

    When you say that you "checked the barrel connections and found the tip and sleeve shorted to ground", is that on the adapter side or within the PB? Since it sounds like you've opened it up to remove the connector, what do you read on the battery terminals? Are they shorted together? What...
  5. sutekh

    3D-Printed Objects

    Here's an enclosure for a PowerBook PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? li-ion battery I drew. It's expected to be used in conjunction with the locking tab from an original battery. Thread with more details over in the PB forum:  
  6. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    Well, I couldn't leave this well enough alone. The first battery I built described above is only 3200mAh, and my 180c is a power thirsty beast. I also wanted another pack so my 180 could get in on the fun. Here's my second effort resplendent in all of its 3D printed housing and 7000mAh glory...
  7. sutekh

    Duo 2300c - Battery rebuilds?

    12v nominal perhaps, but charged voltage per the Service Source is indeed 13.5vdc: Build a battery that outputs only 12v fully charged and you'll have low-voltage warnings and to look forward to :)
  8. sutekh

    180c VSync Issue

    Hi Friends, Over the weekend I decided to see about getting my "parts" 180c up and running. I purchased it with a pre-existing screen condition alongside a 180, and although I combined its best bits with my other 180c to make a single, very nice unit, this one is complete and really not too...
  9. sutekh

    AppleTalk Over IP

    I have what is probably an obvious question, but one I haven't been able to find an answer to searching the forum, Google, or via brute force attempts to make something work. I now have a small collection of PowerBooks connected to my LAN over wifi via SLIP and ESP8266-based serial modem...
  10. sutekh

    Angry 800K Sony MP-F51W-23

    I purchased a dirty and untested Sony 800K mp-f51w-23 (I think it came out of an SE) as an internal drive replacement for my 512K (which is running Plus ROMs and a MacSnap).   After thoroughly going through it and cleaning / re-lubricating, the carriage movement is nice and smooth, but when...
  11. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless "Modem"

    Hello! I just wrapped up a project over in the Hacks & Development forum that I though might be of particular interest to this crowd, so I'm cross-posting. TL;DR, I've developed a serial wifi module that directly replaces the internal Global Village modem. It only offers modem speed, but...
  12. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    I've been playing with these "modems" now for a few days now, and have learned a thing or two: They're as slow as expected  :)  The results I was seeing from Fetch in PASV mode are consistent with additional tests I've run grabbing files via HTTP using LYNX and iCab. Max download speed is...
  13. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    Huzzah, my boards arrived! I assembled two without issue aside from the diameter of the through-holes for the ESP8266 headers being a bit tight.  More importantly, upon install in my PB180 test mule, everything lines up perfectly! I built the following little 6-pin FTDI to RJ-11...
  14. sutekh

    PowerBook Duo Wifi Modem

    When I previously expressed interest in developing an ESP8266 wifi modem replacement for the Duo, @techknight correctly pointed out that the "modem" board on the Duo serves other purposes (e.g., the power switches) and the much larger connector isn't just a glorified RS-232 port. Furthermore...
  15. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    Inching closer! I was able to get CTS / RTS flow control working between the two UARTs and esp_slip_router / InterSLIP. To my complete lack of surprise, it's a bit slower, and at only 57,600, I think I'd rather just deal with the occasional re-transmit. Probably not something I'll use, but hey...
  16. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    W00t! The above outlined solution worked with a pull-up resistor on the PB Tx line (Rx is actually pulled high by the PB, in contradiction to what I cited above). Communication to the ESP module via the internal RS-232 port established! In other good news, I'd been operating under the...
  17. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    Using one of the now 3 Global Village modems in my possession (after first verifying I could communicate with it unmodified of course), I cobbled together the following test unit: Good news: There's no fancy Modem / PowerBook initialization communication that needs to be duplicated, nor is...
  18. sutekh

    SSD in Duo 280c?

    Reach out to Inertial Computing (they're active on the forum). They may or may not still be looking for beta testers for a potential v5.5-based replacement to the out-of-stock (out of production?) previous PowerBook edition.  Such a device, hypothetically speaking of course, might appear as...
  19. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    I've been working on this in fits and starts, time allowing. I created a little ribbon cable with the 20-pin AMP 104652-2 connector on one end to facilitate online testing (shown here connected to my PB180): and built a functional representation of the proposed circuit on a breadboard...
  20. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    Yes! I'm using an LT1494 to that end (see above schematic). Issue is that in order to keep the voltage drop low across the sense resistor, I've reduced it to .01ohm, at which point I have to push a fair amount of current through R3 for the opamp to detect it. As originally conceived, that...