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  1. 3lectr1cPPC

    PowerBook 145: No contrast AFTER recap

    So, I bought a PowerBook 145 off of eBay, described as having no contrast on the display. It arrived, and so did the caps I ordered so that I could get it going. I did the recap last night, (my first real SMD rework attempt), and I think the work turned out fine, although it doesn’t look very...
  2. 3lectr1cPPC

    Are all PowerBook 5300 display cables the same?

    So, the left side display hinge on my PowerBook 5300ce gave out and cracked off recently. After taking it apart to investigate, the display wasn't working properly anymore. I just got around to taking a closer look and the LCD cable is cracked... I guess the stress of the broken hinge was too...
  3. 3lectr1cPPC

    Absolutely bizarre UI problem on a 7.6.1 Install

    So, I’m going to keep this short. I installed a fresh copy of 7.6.1 on my PB 5300ce recently, and after installing a bit of software, all of sudden, somehow, all the UI is using OS 8 platinum styling. I’ve attached an image below. I have absolutely no idea how this could possibly have happened...
  4. 3lectr1cPPC

    PowerBook 170 - My 1st 68k Mac!

    I just bought a PowerBook 170 off of eBay! Now, it hasn't arrived yet so I'll have to update the thread when it does, but here's what I know about it from the listing. 1. It turns on and displays the cursor, but no question mark floppy. 2. It has a hard drive, but it's dead and just spins up...
  5. 3lectr1cPPC

    Caps weak somewhere in my 5300ce

    So, I went to fire up my PowerBook 5300ce today and it wouldn't start. I took it apart and reseated the DC in board, RAM expansion card, and the hard drive but no dice. Totally dead without any speaker pops or sound of any kind. I left it plugged in for a while while I went to do something and...
  6. 3lectr1cPPC

    Getting over my fear of taking apart the iBook G4.

    So, I've had a 1.42GHz 14 inch iBook G4 since November last year, and when I bought it it was totally stock. A couple of months ago, I added an upgrade to the maximum 1.5GB of RAM, but I still didn't touch the original slow old hard drive. Still, seeing that the only thing the extra RAM really...
  7. 3lectr1cPPC

    My 3lectr1cal Conquests!

    I saw that @joshc combined all his conquest threads (now lost in the "The Great 68krash of 2021") into one new thread for anyone who may have missed them due to the crash. Since I had a couple, I might as well combine them here, along with a new one that doesn't deserve its own thread due to...